Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Scene
On the way to breakfast today, my mom and I discovered our family crests emblazoned all over the hotel. WHA???? Turns out the owner of the hotel shares our last name. Explains why we've been getting nervous sidelong glances and first class service every time we say our name. Pays to be famous...even if it's only by association :)

Ate my weight in breakfast food this morning. I may not own the hotel but I owned the buffet today ;)

And my mom got to play her favorite game: teaching the American to eat weird Latin American fruits. Don't remember what this one is called but I call it Boogers. Or, um, The Sperminator.

After getting sperminated by fruit, my mom and I played on the beach. Finally finished reading Eat Pray Love. Perfect time for me to finish a book about travel, self discovery and spirituality. With everything that's been happening with my mom and the tumor, I've been trying to get back into meditation. And these days in Cancun have been a god send for helping me quiet my mind.

It's as if "long ago God drew a circle on the spot where I'm standing right now." That's one of my favorite lines in the book. I think it's one of my favorite lines of all the books I've ever read.

In the afternoon, my mommy and me hit the gym again. The Ritz does this glorious thing at about 25 minutes into your workout, right as you want to give up or throw up. They bring you ice cold towels drenched with mint on silver platters. That damn towel is literally the most envigorating thing ever. Gets you through the rest of your cardio fresh as a daisy. I swear if my gym at home did this, I would work out every day...maybe.

In the evening, just as a light rain started to fall, we headed to the first indoor activity I'd pre-planned: private cooking lessons at the hotel's culinary institute. When I booked the class I had no idea my mom had actually done a class at the Ritz in Paris with my Dad like 20 years ago. So in strange way it was like he was there with us today. After all, the only thing he loved more than his girls was getting his piggie on.

On the menu for us to prepare tonight: salad nicoise with seared tuna, lamb stew and chocolate souffles. Um, just a tad more complicated than my recent cooking escapades.

As expected, my mom was the star pupil and I was the problem child. She was laughing most of the time. The laugh of a seasoned veteran who could make this meal with her hands tied behind her back. I one the other hand felt like my hands were tied behind my back.

My biggest gripe: chopping. I loathe it. Mostly because I am afeard of hurting myself. I blame my mom because she always made such a production about me not chopping my fingers off whenever I helped her in the kitchen. All you mothers out there, remember that your fears become your children's fears. Even 30 years later.

Thankfully my questions and incompetencies couldn't hold back the three people who actually cooked the meal. Everything turned out beautifully and deliciously. Am hoping to duplicate it for a dinner party back home. Thinking of handing out golden tickets ;)

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Necklace I bought from a friend's friend
Marc Jacobs purse
Fashion District sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Last week, Mr. Diabolina asked me what I was going to pack for this trip. I said I figured I'd pack much of the same stuff I packed for our trip to Hawaii back in June. He looked horrified and practically yelped, "But you are going to change it up a little, right? For your readers!" He's kinda the most ridiculous and amazing man ever ;)

So my concession to Mr. D today was wearing the same pretty and comfortable blue F21 dress but added a contrasty necklace to switch things up.

Think it added just the right amount of fuss at the necline.

Not that this dress with all it pretty lace-like detailing needed more fuss.

And not that it mattered much since it was covered by an apron most of the night.


Jennifer said...

Why? Why boogars? Once upon a time, I'm sure my mom would have convinced me to eat some random fruit like that, but now, I will not venture into Boogar Land. Oh, nuh uhs. Nevaaah! ;-)

On another note, you and your mommy are absolute beauts! I'm glad you guys are enjoying your vacay!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Lucky girl. Looks like you are having a fabulous time.

Emily said...

Is it passion fruit/maracuya? Looks like it from that picture. Yum!

I really like the color combo of the necklace with the dress. It's kind of unexpected but really works.

Amanda said...

I f'n love that necklace!! Thou shalt not covet... ;)

Glad you and your mom are having fun on the looks amazing and you both deserve it.

Jean Bean said...

I am traumatized by that fruit for the rest of the day.

Speis Girl said...

the booger fruit is granadilla - no te gusto? so jeal of your awesome vaca and food. loving you!

Da Fashionista said...

yes yes granadilla. that's it. it wasn't bad. the consistency was just so odd. like boogies or spermies.

Mar5195 said...

Oh yes she wouldn't be a good Latin Mama if she didn't make you eat some crazy ass tropical fruit. I've had that before can't remember the name but the texture is disturbing.

I love that lil blue dress it looks great on you.

In cooking you are either a cutter or a burner (as in your hands). I'm a burner. If you ever do expand your cooking skillz I'd suggest taking a knife class. Once you learn proper technique you can avoid cutting yourself. And it makes shit easier. Try the, they are in your neck of the woods. Great teachers and very hands on!

sarahwl said...

Your mom and her wacky beach hat! So adorable!

And I particularly like the picture of you fearfully chopping in cooking class- your expression is priceless.

Looks like a (well deserved) fantastic vacation!

Ly said...

Royal blue and you were meant to be! On another note, that fruit is definitely passion fruit (known as maracullao or chinola in some countries) and despite its odd appearance and consistency, makes some of the best tasting juice ever!

I'm an American who knows a lot about delicious Latin fruits. You think that one looks nasty wait till you see something called Guanabana, looks straight out of a sci-fi movie:)

Glad you enjoyed your escapade, your both glowing in the pics!

Sable Crow said...

This is my favorite post in months! So much humor and love and fashion. Love Love Love. Totally waiting for my golden ticket to that fancy schmancy meal.

Why do we have parallel lives! LOVE having your name and family crest all over a fancy hotel. ;-)


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