Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Scene
Took the day off today. Had a final round "meeting" in the afternoon. Think it went really well. Here's hoping I hear good/life changing news next week. Me needs it ;)

In the evening, I met up with my mom to catch up on a week apart. After dinner we somehow ended up in a pet store and came THIS close to buying my dream puppy: a messy faced shitzu that I could cuddle all the live long day.

In the end we chickened out, favoring our freedom over puppy kisses. Sigh. Made due with manicures instead. Not quite the same.

The Outfit
Vintage dress suit

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Yves Saint Laurent heels
Me&Ro necklace
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch

The Grade

The Scene
It was fun to pretend to be an east coast fierce fashionista in mostly black for the last week.

But it felt good to be back in California, the land of color. You just feel lighter and brighter here.

Since the first round had been all about safe black St. John, today I pulled out a vintage suit from the back of my closet with a little more...flair. Picked it up at the UCLA Thrift Store about six years ago, back when I worked in aerospace, wore suits more often and did on camera interviews. In fact, this suit made an appearance on ABC News back in the day. My mom was very proud.

Loved the very Balmain feel of shoulder pads today.

And the color and shape reminded me of Phillip Lim and Louis Vuitton for fall.

But mostly the suit felt very Vuitton today. With the very dated embellishments and nipped in waist of the jacket.

Think Karla - queen of the 80s vintage "they're so fugly they're hot" blazers - would've been proud.

To be honest, I mostly wore the suit because I was shocked it still fit. Should have probably worn a Spanx but didn't want to be uncomfortable mentally and physically during the interview.

Just tried to embrace my ever expanding curves - Kardashian sister style. Though have you seen the non-pregnant ones lately? They are disappearing before our very eyes! I'll snort what their snorting, please.

Instead of a monochrome bag, I opted for a shot of color with the MJ clutch. Figured it would be make more of a statement. And it worked. One of my male interviewers remarked on it.

Love these YLS heels but wish I could have donned more memorable shoes. Like my beloved Prada velociraptors.

Or McQueen's Spring 2010 monstrosities. Talk about so fugly they are hot!


Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

ohhh i love that vintage suit. that shift dress is soooo classic and i think it looks amazing - sexy but not too sexy :)

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

That first row of McQueen shoes are TERRIFYING!

Rosemary Brennan said...

Cute puppies! And such a cute suit. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your "meetings" bring lots of good things, though I'm sure you nailed them. :)

WendyB said...

Your curves look great! I say get a dog from the pound or a good breeder rather than a pet store....

Fabulosity said...

You look soo good. Show your curves more often.

sarahwl said...

can't wait to find out what these "meetings" have been all about! Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, but first time commenter! Love the suit and am excited to hear about the possible new opportunities. I agree with WendyB though---support a local shelter rather than a pet store/puppymill. There are so many loveable pups that need to be rescued!

Rachee said...

You look fantastic! crossing fingers and toes for good/life changing news.

♥Rosie said...

Sending good vibes your way and hope the "meetings" come out the way you want them to!

That suit looks great on you!

fancypants said...

I have been obsessing over the McQueen Lobster Claw shoes all month. I keep trying to imagine how to walk in them! As for your amazing. I love the color, the details, the is really a wonderful piece (I guess it is really "pieces," but whatever!).

Sable Crow said...

LOVE the embroidered aplique's on that jacket! You look stellar!

Kani said...

LOVE that fabulous suit. It looks amazing on you too.


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