Monday, October 12, 2009

The Scene
To quote one of the greatest films of all time, "someone has a case of the Mondays" today. Willing change, sweet sweet change, to come soon.

The Outfit
H&M turtleneck
Robert Rodriguez skirt
Vintage coat

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace
Dolce and Gabbana heels
Chanel bag

The Grade

The Commentary
Mourning wear this morning. Yep, all black again.

Could only muster one piece of flair. A statement necklace. Worn over a turtleneck. My favorite English Professor move.

Topped off the somber ensemble with a gorgeous camel coat I scored resale and in pristine condition years ago.

A camel coat is a staple for every uptown kinda gal but it is a piece that's particularly on trend this fall. They were all over the runways at houses like Vuitton and Micheal Kors

Have been seeing several to die for camel colored dresses lately.

Finished the look with a leopard print shoe. Very Alexander Wang Spring 2010. Maybe my way of willing that change: "See, Universe, I'm already dressed for spring."


Unknown said...

you know I need that coat!!! ;)

You look fabulous! Love this chic classic look ..right down to your hair.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you hun.

Jean Bean said...

I eat your pretty face.

Kate said...

Here's the thing about the camel "trend" that is bugging me. There are no camel coats in stores. Seriously. None. Mine died on me by the end of Winter '08 so I am headed into my second full Fall/Winter without one. I looked all last year and again have been scouring the stores. They are only carrying black, gray and red, as well as a few trend colors like purple. Next year the stores will be filled to gills with camel but I don't want to wait another year. But I DO want a whole bunch of choices on price and cut which will surely be the case next Fall... I'm annoyed. I'm actually kind of in a rage about it. I mean, living here I need a coat everyday and I have a lot of outfits that require a camel coat. Avoiding all those last year sucked. Don't want to do it again.


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