Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Scene
Nabbed an invite to the Louver show tonight, part of LA Fashion Week.

Remember the kiss heard round the world between Madonna and Britney?

Well L.A.-based, Mexican-American Louis Verdad was the designer behind the bride and groom outfits. He worked closely with Madonna for a while there but recently has been struggling to keep his line afloat. Ughs to the business of fashion.

Headed out in the pouring rain mainly because the event was at MOCA

And because I was dying to see Michel Berandi's freaky fabulous exhibit

Seeing these shoes in person was worth braving near death at the hands of L.A. drivers confronted with rain.

Had been planning to attend with my partner in fabulous Kbro but he bailed. Boo. Nothing more potentially intimidating than flying solo at a fashion event. Thankfully the door was not a cluster, people were friendly and the show started just half an hour late which in the fashion world is right on time.

Verdad's inspiration for the show: Michelle Obama and other fabulous African American icons. Heart.

The show was a solid B. Very All American. Clean, nautical, youthful. And just the right hint of sexy.

Definitely could see Malia and Sasha rocking some of the looks when they are all growns up and maybe running for President themselves :)

More coverage here and here and here.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tank
Fashion District leopard coat
American Apparel leggings
H&M sequin vest

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Forever 21 bracelet and bow ring
Tory Burch heels

The Grade

The Commentary
Now an invitation to an LA Fashion Week show is not hard to come by....at all. I used to go every year in my early and mid-twenties. Before I really had any business being there.

But tonight felt like the first show all over again. I was positively giddy. After all, it was my first time actually "covering" a show for my very own bloggy blog. Plus I just felt thrilled to be around like-minded, well-heeled peeps. Especially after a long day at The Office, where everyone is NOT like-minded nor well-heeled.

The outfit was a bit of a no brainer. Started with the leggings. Always fabulous, always fierce.
Even when I'm not feeling either.

Blended right in with the haute young things at the show.

The rain made for some interesting outerwear at the show. These two were my faves.

I opted for a more ferocious option. Have been dying to wear this TOO MUCH coat for months. Figured a fashion show was the perfect excuse.

Decided the outfit STILL wasn't fashion victim-y enough so I added my new H&M sequin vest. Amazing drape and fit for just $32

Lots of fellow fashionistas were feeling the sequins tonight too. Phew.

The hands-down star of the night: my Tory Burch heels. Sooo many haute young things remarked on them. More than one thought they were Chanel. And I am happy to report not one grabbed the heel ;)

1 comment:

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

My leopard coat is my go to for all fierce fashion events too. Wore mine on the first day of Aussie Fashion Week. You look like a marvellous fashionista. Hope you had fun.


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