Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Scene
Stayed up waaaaay too late last night - reading and listening to the rain. Was sad Mr. Diabolina was in Boston for the night. It would have been cozy romantic heaven.

After work, I decided to pick up some of Mr. Diabolina's favorite things: beer, Total cereal, Ben & Jerry's Fudge Brownie, Stoffer's pizzas, a fancy candle, and Kiehl's man soap (ha!) He's been working so hard for the past few months and is under so much stress, well, I wanted to pamper him a little.

During my Mr. D shopping blitz, I just happen to pass by a Victoria Secret and all hell broke loose. Saw this wall and HAD to go in. Trojans are physically incapable of passing up Ronald McDonald wear. It's scientifically proven.

This Pink Collegiate Wear nonsense keeps getting better and better.

I may or may not have bought two t-shirts and hoodie and am all set for the rest of the football season. FIGHT ON :)

The Outfit
Banana Republic tank
Zara blazer
Citizens of Humanity jeans

The Accessories
Forever 21 headband
Missoni scarf
London Sole flats
Louis Vuitton Speedy

The Grade

The Commentary
Feeling a bit gray today. Probably the weather combined with a night apart from Mr. D.

Reached for the blazer first, then the jeans and finally the Missoni scarf I picked up in NYC at Century 21. Originally picked it up for my mom but well, you know how that goes ;) It's my first Missoni and just adore the trademark zig zag and how the colors will work with so many looks.

Peaches and I are obsessed with Missoni's hobo chic. Cannot get enough of chunky knits and scarves and hoodies.

Sadly the Missoni spring show wasn't as inspired. Sure it was pretty and wearable but there wasn't much of a wow factor.

Favorite part of the outfit: my new Forever 21 headband. Best rainy day head gear.

After this gorgeous Marc hoodie, that is.

1 comment:

amber said...

I'm sad to admit that I haven't bought any of the blue and gold goodness from Vicki's, but I am in need of a new tshirt or two. Hmmmm....


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