Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Scene
The only good thing about Mr. Diabolina having to work and going to a USC game alone: happening upon a water polo game.

And by "happening upon" I mean actively seeking the game out and sitting on the sidelines, drooling and giddy.

Took me waaaay back. To toga parties senior year at the water polo house on Severance. Ah, to go back and be a YOUNG chester the molester again.

The Outfit
Blue Cult jeans
Pink USC tee

The Accessories
Forever 21 ring
Marc Jacobs bag
Tory Burch flats

The Grade
C for Chester

The Commentary

Ronald McDonald ain't got nothing on USC fans.

Decided to keep things simple like a boy today - jeans and a t-shirt. Not very fashionable or girly but perfectly adequate for mentally fondling water polo players and heavy beer and burrito consumption.

My sole fashion statement: the gilded Tory Burch flats. A must have in my opinion for female Trojan fans.

But the spray painted on golden minis? Keep those for your Halloween hooker costumes, please.


ShoeZQ said...

WOW! Thanks for feeding my inner "chester". I work on a college campus and well let's just say I feel like a dirty old lady on an almost daily basis:)

Jean Bean said...

OMG that skirt. Does the poor girl not have a mother?

Liz said...

holy hotness water polo!

love the shoes with your tee!

Kate of All Trades said...

Oh how I miss the water polo days. It was so great working at the Lyons Center. I was crusty as all get out. ;)

Sheila said...

Thanks for the photos!
OMG a gold mini to a football game? WOW!

honey my heart said...

cute gold flats!! love that a simple pair can add the right stuff to an outfit ;)


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