Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Diabolina Styled Me...And I Liked it
Ms X's Story


I'm at one of those big turning points in my life: about to graduate from college in December and enter the grown-up, professional world.

I felt really ready to embrace these upcoming changes, but to me, my wardrobe still screamed "Southern California college student": Lots of jeans and t-shirts and sandals.

I have been a longtime reader of My Super Sweet Fashion Diary, and over time, I developed an admiration for Diabolina's ability and willingness to rock new trends, interesting colors, and eye-catching accessories.

After seeing how great Diabolina's clients looked post-styling session, I couldn't resist reaching out to her to see what she could do to help transform my closet.

Let me begin by saying that Diabolina is an absolute doll. I met her for the first time at my wardrobe consultation, and she blew me away with her warmth, charm, honesty, and professionalism. She made me feel completely at ease letting her into my life and more importantly, my closet.

We spent part of the consultation discussing my fashion likes and dislikes. She asked me about my current favorite stores (Banana Republic and Forever 21) and celebrity style icons (Reese Witherspoon and Lauren Conrad.)

And we talked about my complete aversion to accessories and bold prints and skirts (I don't even own one!)

Then she dove right into my closet, pulling out and putting together articles of clothing I already owned in completely different ways. She brought along some of her own favorite accessories, so I could see how a brightly colored necklace could pop with a simple black dress, or how a wide belt could give new shape to an old blouse.

Diabolina was great at identifying both the weak and the strong points in my closet. She showed me the most flattering hemlines for my figure and which fabrics transition best from office to happy hour. Her knowledge of fashion, fit, fabric, and color was beyond what I could have ever imagined. She complimented me on my collection of well-fitting trousers and flattering dresses, while helping me realize I need more prints, accessories, and maybe a skirt or two ;).

She also solved my lifelong problem of swimming in most jackets by suggesting that I look for jackets in the petite's section since I have such a tiny upper body, even though I'm 5'6". By the time she left, two and a half hours later, I was looking at my closet with an entirely new set of eyes.

After our consultation, I received my personalized lookbook, which I may or may not pull up on my iPhone while shopping. ;) I really love the commentary under each photo and how most items are budget-friendly and from stores I already feel comfortable shopping at. I also love how Diabolina didn't try to turn me into a mini-her (a la Rachel Zoe and all of her clients a few years ago). I was amazed how "me" the items in the lookbook felt when I saw them.

In the few weeks since I worked with Diabolina, I have noticed how differently I view clothes when shopping & getting dressed in the morning. I pay more attention to hem and sleeve length when picking out tops and dresses. I avoid this "no man's land" length on dresses at all costs

Diabolina showed me this length was so much more flattering on me. And now I look at not only the cut of the item, but the fabric as well. I reach for more prints and brighter colors.

Diabolina will be THRILLED to know that I added my first ever skirt to my closet. It's from Express. I also scored a Club Monaco one on major sale similar to a skirt in my lookbook. Love them both. How did I ever live without them?

I've also fallen in love with Forever's Love 21 line. Bought prints that I adore and more tops like this one from my look book in more "grown-up" fabrics that transition well from day to night.

This BCBGeneration dress with a skinny black belt...another favorite! I know it's a b&w print, pretty safe, but baby steps, right? And I would have never switched out the belt if not for Diabolina's advice.

I plan to start working on the accessories deficit next. I've already picked up a few skinny belts, a brown pair of shoes, and I'm eying some purple Steve Madden pumps. PURPLE. I can't even believe myself right now. :)

Even though I've only made a few small changes so far, I'm amazed at the responses I've been getting from people. My coworkers are noticing that I'm "coming out of my shell" and friends have been saying how I always look so put together. I appreciate Diabolina's help, advice, and inspiration SO much. She's made some steps along the post-grad journey so much easier.

But what's stuck with me the most is Diabolina's refreshing and fun attitude towards fashion. She impressed upon me that I should never be afraid to try new things and take a few risks, because what's the worst that could happen? With fashion, I can always take it off at the end of the day and start over tomorrow.

Now, those are some words to live by.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadore Ms. X. She is as poised as she is lovely. Mature beyond her 21 years. I mean no one else in the entire year and a half that I've been blogging has requested to remain anonymous. She's one smart non-attention-whore cookie ;)

And to think that I was uber apprehensive about meeting her. You see she was the first reader who contacted me and didn't have a blog herself. Plus we didn't have any mutual acquaintances. I was pretty honest about being a little concerned - stranger danger style.

But she won me over with this email: "No worries - I completely understand wanting to be sure before you meet people off the Internet. I've never done it before either! Attached a picture with me holding a note saying hi. I've seen celebs do it on Twitter to verify their identify hahaha. Feel free to Facebook me also."

She had me at "Heart the blog" :)

Interested in your own super sweet wardrobe consultation?

Now working with clients outside Los Angeles!


amber said...

What a cutie! I totally agree with her that you really do a great job of suggesting clothes/accessories that are appropriate for the client and aren't trying to make everyone look like a mini-me. Something that should be on any PR stuff you eventually put out there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Inspiring blog and a great reminder that small changes can make a big difference! Love the BCBG dress and purple Steve Maddens.

lookrichbitch said...

must go to la.. tix are cheap, but how am i gonna lug my entire wardrobe there?

so proud of you and impressed and inspired and hate you too.


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