Friday, September 4, 2009

The Scene
Started my day off with some watermelon. Huck Finn style.

Then went for a 3 mile run. Hello Kitty stylin.

Met up with my pretty kitty stylist Nelly Mollison at The Argyle Spa and Salon.

Found out Nelly was just named one of the top people in L.A. for Brazilian Blowouts by California Magazine - natch!

Thanks to her the soft curls that were starting to creep back were banished completely today. Nelly said I likely won't have to see her again for another 6 monhts.

The treatment lasts longer and longer the more you do it. What a dream! EMAIL ME if you're interested in getting the MSSFD discount on your next Brazilian Blowout. I promise it will change your life.

Me and my purty hair had lunch with my momma.

And her purty red MJ shoes. She couldn't stop raving about my hair.
Going to get hers touched up in a few weeks.

In the evening, Mr. D and I met up with Danny B and Daisy Duke's. Earlier in the week, the four of us decided to get out of L.A. for the weekend and rent a house in Palm Springs.

Spending three days in a pool with good friends sounded like heaven.

Mr. Architect and Silver Haired Fox thought so too so they joined us as well. Best.Sixsome.EVER!

When we got to the house, we ran around it - Real World style.

It was gorge. If a bit strangely decorated.

Modern meets Morrocan.

But the six of us cared about only two things: having places to lounge during the day.

And rest our heads at night.

Plus once we found the pool toys - fuggetaboutit

All of us took turns molesting Shamu between margarita sipping and hot tub dips.

And where there's a Mr. Architect, there's posing for skinny pictures.

Stayed up til 3 in the morning. Like college kids. We decided the creepy owl on the roof had a camera in it so someone got quite a show.

The Outfit
Armani Exchange halter dress
The Accessories
Claire's head band
Kate Spade wedges
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
The Grade
V for Vacation Vixen

The Commentary

Perfect day for a romper.

Or easy breezy shorts

Alas I was feeling large and in charge so shorts didn't feel right.

Besides knew I was headed to Rodeo Drive to help my mom run an errand so I had to look a little Serena.

Ended up in a dog days of summer dress

Added the shoes to create a bit of height and contrast.

And the headband for a dash of end of summer sparkle. Can't believe fall is upon us.


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

OMG - that dress is absolutely amazing. I love the colours and pattern - fantastic. And looks like you had fun which is fantastic too.

WendyB said...

I want that watermelon desperately!

Anonymous said...

Love the Brazilian blowout! Need to ask my stylist if she does them. Also love those Kate Spade wedges. I was stalking them on Bluefly a few months ago. I knew I should have bought them!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Love that dress and the shoes are fantastic. You've got the best life.

amber said...

What a fun, fabby weekend! We had plans for a similar one, but unfortunately life has thrown my bffs some nasty curveballs and we had to postpone.

lookrichbitch said...

i've decided i'm gonna try the brazilian for my bday next month... and i'm gonna try the other brazilian for my wedding day the month after that!

and in awe of your hair. FORREALS!


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