Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Scene
Spent most of the day on Twitter devouring updates from NYFW. Ah-gain.

DYING over my fave bloggers meeting my fave designers.

And mingling with everyone's favorite editors. Those lucky beotches.

But thanks to all the nerdy tweeting, I got to enjoy a close celebrity encounter of my own. Spent an impromptu night under the stars with Mr. Delicious aka Brandon Flowers. You see, one of my most favorite readers missrachee tweeted about having had a rough day and needing to get rid of tickets to The Killers tonight at The Hollywood Bowl.

When I direct messaged missrachee, she was beyond gracious and offered me her tickets FOR FREE. She then promptly emailed me the tickets and said, "It's the least I can do for all the fabulous fashion facts I've learned from your blog. My friend Cat and I love you and your blog. (Warning: possibly awkward super fan moment coming up!) When we shop, it's hilarious because we're like 'Well, Diabolina says this and Diabolina says that.' " AAAAAAAAAdore!

Decided to invite my momma. Knew she wouldn't be too into the music - the last performer we saw at the Bowl was much more her style: Tony Bennett - but she and I had JUST talked about going to The Hollywood Bowl before it got too cold.

So we picked up some Greenblatt's Hollywood Bowl picnic baskets and dined to the strains of Love My Way. That's right the opening band tonight was THE Psychedelic Furs. Pure unadulterated 80s heaven! I must have been very good in a former life.

After dinner, I almost bought some souvenirs (Who doesn't need a "I got Soul/But I'm not a soldier" t-shirt?) then finally made our way to our seats.

Let's talk about The Bowl. There's really not a bad seat in the house. The boxes up front are a dream but you've got to be a season ticket holder or KNOW a season ticket holder. The few times I've sat in boxes I've felt like a bull in a china shop. Everything is so crammed and you have to whisper because pretty much everyone can hear you up there.

Our seats tonight were in the very last section of the very back of the Bowl. But I think they were the BEST seats I've ever had. Not only were they free but they were on the aisle and jutted out. Translation: there was no one in front of us. AT ALL. NO NEED TO STAND UP. Perfect for geriatrics.

I've seen The Killers a few times but tonight's show was magic. Think it was the venue and the weather and the crowd. Here's the set list (click on the links below for video from tonight's concert that I found on the youtubes!)

  1. Human

  2. Somebody Told Me

  3. For Reasons Unknown

  4. Bones

  5. Joy Ride

  6. Bling (Confession of a King)

  7. Shadowplay

  8. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

  9. Sweet Talk

  10. Smile Like You Mean It

  11. Spaceman

  12. A Dustland Fairytale

  13. Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover)

  14. Read My Mind

  15. Mr. Brightside

  16. All These Things That I've Done

And Brandon was hotter than ever. He reminds me a little of Mr. Diabolina. But with eyeliner. And skin tight clothes. DROOL.

But the encore was probably the best part. Seriously the closest I've ever gotten to orgasming in front of my mom. Not kidding.

The Killers started with "This is your Life" and ended with "When You Were Young". But in between those songs they played Pretty in Pink with the Psychedilic Furs!!!!!!!!!! After Jimmy Kimmel parodied Kayne West at the VMAs that is. Watch the video here and here.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for a wonderful evening, missrachee. I owe you and Cat that drink :)

The Outfit
Forever 21 stripped tunic, army jacket, leggings

The Accessories
DIY statement necklace
Oh Deer heels
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Fashion District bracelets

The Grade

The Commentary
Today's outfit was directly influenced by all the eclectic separates I've been spying at NYFW.

Nothing more effortlessly fashionable than stripes. Picked up this sleeveless tunic at F21 this weekend. Has some great distressed detailing for under $20.

Love how the grey and the navy work with the army green color.

Have been wanting just the right army green jacket for over a year. Had to be long enough and light enough. Had to have cool but not busy detailing. Finally found it at Forever last weekend. Love how it will look over girly dresses as a transitional weather piece.

Adore how three very different people - Julia Roitfeld, Guisseppe Zanotti and Kingston Rossdale - made the jacket their own this week at NYFW.

Decided to make the look a bit more feminine with the statement necklace I made a few months ago.

Looks like bib necklaces aren't going anywhere. The Spring runways were full of them.

They were also filled with fierce shoes like these Nicholas Kirkwoods for Rodarte.

But my faves were the Louboutins Phillip Lim showed.

Nothing like a peep of red soles.

Recently found out that today's free pair of Oh Deer's are an exact copy of Louboutins.

Nini's Style had them for sale on eBay. I had no idea. When I was offered a free pair of shoes I just went with what I thought was cool. A+ to me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Diabolina,

I like this concert outfit. How did you feel wearing it? --as compared to your outfits for John Legend and Gwen Stefani...

Mr. D

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

(Dear Readers,

It is kinda a big deal when Mr. D comments on the blog. He always reads but never comments. JOY!)

Dear Mr. D,

Excellent question. I was going to write about this very topic but got lazy. Tonight's outfit was perfect in comparison to our two other concerts this summer. I felt comfortable, cool and rock&roll.

The irony is that I wore this outfit to work. Didn't have to change and stress when I got home.

Before I got the tickets, I was actually thinking about calling friends to have drinks since I loved what I was wearing so much.

Today was a reminder that if you dress for the life you want many times the life you want materializes. Magic style.

Mrs. D

weezermonkey said...

We were at The Killers concert, too. :)

WendyB said...

I totally thought of you when I met Philip!

Jean Bean said...

I happy you happy!

The Style Rules said...

I've totally been looking for a green jacket like that too! Will have to check out forever 21 asap!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I adore the Loubies for Lim Shoes. TDF and how cute is your mom. Your blog always makes me miss my mom.

Speis Girl said...

i was there that night too! the whole week i was thinking about what to wear and an old post where you said you never know what to wear to concerts or sporting events because you're neither musical nor're always in my head! my mr. got pissy cuz i kept yelling "I LOVE YOU BRANDON FLOWERS!" jealousy is so unbecoming.

Sheila said...

good to know my green jacket can come out to play again this fall/winter. hate how a toddler, kingston is super trendy and cuter than me :(

amber said...

Totally giggling over the letters between you and Mr. D.

What a fun night - I agree that your outfit was perfect!


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