Sunday, May 17, 2009

DIY Statement Necklaces

The Scene
When life's not so pretty, the Diabolinas MAKE life pretty.

This morning my mom and I took our inspiration from the runways

Especially Phillip Lim

As well as more budget friendly retailers

Like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters

And crafty, talented bloggers like Kimberly from Fab Finds Under $50.

And we spent almost two hours cutting and sewing and gluing and cursing and laughing and creating and bonding and forgetting.

I reworked some things about the necklace I made Friday night.

Tres Vera Wang on a dime!

Also put together the STATEMENT necklace of all statement necklaces

Very Phillip Lim. Not sure I can pull it off but it's gonna be fun trying.

My mom choose to focus her efforts on hair accessories

Added a Missoni inspired trim to a little Forever 21 headband I had lying around. Took it from fun to fab in just a few minutes.

And she added a gorg rosette sequin trim to an old hot pink elastic headband
I use when I work out.

From gym rat to Gossip Girl for just a few dollars.

Perfect for our run-in this evening with Little J herself!!!!!

After dinner, I introduced my mom and her sweet tooth to the new Buttercake Bakery. Taylor Momsen was there. A group of tittering tweens was circling her.

She had on a ton of black eye soot for such a young child, bleached heavy bangs, SHORT shorts with I believe suspenders and one of those hipster black hats. The whole look reminded me of Debbie Gibson. Which made me feel old because I'm pretty sure Little J doesn't even know who Debbie Gibson is. Sigh.

But she does know how to be a recessionista! Remember how I got a coupon on Friday for a free cupcake when I picked up dinner next door at Chin Chin? Well Taylor bought her cupcakes, went next door, realized they had coupons and came back with one to get her free cupcake! What a Humphrey, what a girl after my own (pig) heart :)

The Outfit
Fashion District tunic

The Accessories
Forever 21 headband and sunglasses
Gucci bag
Fashion District necklace
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Scene

Scored this luxe-looking dress last month in the fashion district like the fashion ninja I am. Planned to debut it in Mexico this weekend.

Imagined donning it on the beach over a bikini.
A fabulous, flattering alternative to a jersey dress or jean shorts.

Decided to wear it today and pretend I was on vacation. And tan ;)

Was worried it was a bit short for city wear but tied the belt just so and it hung a little longer, mid-thigh.

Love the drape of the sleeves and the irrepressible print.

Very Missoni.

Except it cost under $50 not over $1000.

My quest for the perfect Missoni continues. These two I like but don't love.

Especially at break the bank prices. F.

Found this DVF

And Nordstrom goodie that might be good alternatives. Maybe for Hawaii next month.

Would be HAUTE with these perforated Givenchy sandals. Now on sale at Net-a-Porter. Run don't walk.


Anonymous said...

Loven' the statement necklaces you and your mama crafted up. Also, I have a major softspot for Missoni also, but only have a couple of scarves to show for it. :-(

(thanks for the SO!)

Milly said...

love your creations....nice tunic too....i bought one of Kim's statement it!

KT said...

LOVE the fashion ninja!

weezermonkey said...

I have not tried Buttercake. Hmm....

JillFantastic said...

Excellent crafting.

That pic of Debbie G. brought back some memories. Ugh - I LOVED her. I had the hat, the vest, the Electric Youth perfume from K-Mart. I went to her concert in elementary school and literally cried when I didn't get to meet her. Somehow my little mind thought was part of the deal!

amber said...

Lovin' your crafty ways. Very cool.

BR has a Missoni-inspired top in store right now. I tried it on, but instead of making me feel fab, it made me feel fat and frumpy. F.


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