Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Scene
Another new client today. We'll call her Ms. X. She's the only person in the last year and a half whose requested that her picture NOT be emblazoned all over the blog. Ms. X might be the sanest person I've met in the last year and a half ;)

Ms. X is also 21, a size 4, and cute as a blonde button. She is new to the working world and having a tough time transitioning from So Cal college student to corporate (casual) raider.

Her work and casual looks aren't bad. They are just - say it with me - meh! Not much personality. No wow factor. Just functional.

She has some bright spots in her closet. Figure flattering dresses and well cut trousers. But - horror of horrors - she doesn't own one skirt. Not ONE! I couldn't believe it! This is a woman with 21 year old legs this 32 year old would kill for...

The goal for Ms. X will be to get her into skirts, structured but feminine jackets, cost effective tops that transition from work to play, bolder jewelry and more patterns. Can't wait to witness her shed the last layers of girlishness and step into womanhood.

After the morning wardrobe consultation, I headed to the beach.

Sea, surf and drunken hot messes as far as the eye could see. Can only mean one thing. Six Man.

Mr. D wasn't up to it this year so I was planning to meet Styleminded and Mr. Hot Chick. But those drunks were down for the count by noon. Couldn't figure out how to pick up their phones. F.

For future reference, Six Man isn't really an event to be experienced alone. Girls should really travel in pairs at all times. Guys are all kinds of leery when you are wandering around alone - sweaty, disoriented and half naked. Felt like the defenseless bunny rabbit in Swingers. And sure the leering guys at Six Man are much hotter than most leering guys but it's still a bit much. Especially for an old bird whose friends aren't picking up their phones.

Just like last year, I was obsessed with all the tushies out today

Tushies in tutus and day glo

Oompa loompa and swine flu aka bacon's revenge were my favorite boy tushies

Saved by the Bell tushies were a close second

Eventually ran into a few former coworkers and then almost collapsed with joy when I ran into Fancypants

This year her college volleyball team rolled Jamaican style.

Complete with a bobsled cum cooler.

And the hottest monkey butler cum husband ever. Wanted to stay and drink the day away but had to hustle across town to drop off my car to get the bumper fixed. Fie on inanimate objects that jump out at you.

Got home, took a quick nap and woke up just in time for Danny B and Daisy Duke's to come over.

They took us out to sushi to celebrate my birthday. They were at a wedding last Saturday and couldn't make it to the party. Lovely to spend one on one time with them tonight - per usual.

Danny B and Daisy Duke are so cute together that, well, they make you want to throw up. They're so gorgeous and glowy and in love. They've only been together a few years after all.

Told them to brace themselves. That this is what their future looks like. I call this picture: "11 Years of Hard Time."

We are funny. And dead serious.

The Outfit
Fashion District romper
Brass Plum wrap sweater

The Accessories
Fashion District necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Dior sunglasses
Marc Jacobs bag
Sam Edelman gladiators

The Grade

The Commentary

Needed an outfit today that transitioned from a client meeting in The OC to drunken debauchery on the beach.

Romper to the rescue

Dressed up the look with the orange wrap sweater. Loving orange.

Was worried that the orange and black would read too Halloween. But I think it worked.

The only thing that could have possibly made it better would have been fiercer shoes. I die!

But the necklace was enough of a statement. Very similar to one on Shopbop right now. But that version costs 10 times what mine did. No gracias.

For dinner I changed into this little beauty. Made me feel like a pyt after a long long day of feeling older than God.

How is it that girls just seem to get younger and younger while all I do is get wiser and wiser ;)

For example today, I left the costumes to the young kids

Learned my lesson when a friend told me a few months ago that she randomly googled drunken sailors and a picture of me came up!!!! From last year's Six Man. Like on the second page of results.

I know. Kinda the best AND worst thing you've ever heard. No wonder Ms. X is wary of me and my blogging ways.


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Wow what a crazy but wonderful day. Love the romper on you too.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

It sounds like it's high time you consult full time. :)

Funny pictures, especially the one of you and Mr. D fake-punching each other. 11 years is impressive, btw.

Jean Bean said...

You're a wise Latina.

WendyB said...

I have NO sympathy for you feeling older than God, young lady!

PiGGiesGoMoo said...

things go south quickly after the 7 year mark i think. by then you're merely putting up with each other. =P

hehe love the romper. have been on a never ending quest to find a nice one for myself. have you considered consulting long distance?

Lynn Tran said...

I love that your friend "randomly googled drunk sailors" - classic. You look H-O-T in that pic, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Milly said...

cute the necklace!

Sable Crow said...

OMFG on the Drunken Sailor. Genius. I loves the Googles.

Great post.

Victoria said...

OMG on the drunken sailors googling!

Unknown said...

*crawling out of Lurkerdom* I grew up in MB and have been to many a Six Man, but last year I felt so old. Even more depressing was hearing that girls I went to HS with were on a team called the MILFs. Ugh.

amber said...

Too many good things in this post:

*No skirts?! Thank God you're changing that!
*Love the teal and orange with the romper. very purtty!
*Never been to a Six Man - sadness. The costumes are fabulous though.


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