Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Scene
Re-org happening at The Office. While other people's responsibilities shrink, mine expand. Joy.

The Outfit

Emporio Armani jacket
Banana Republic tank
Rogan for Target pants

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace
Louis Vuitton bag
Yves Saint Laurent heels

The Grade
C (for Corporate)

The Commentary

Big meeting today. So built the outfit around my ball buster blazer.

Heart the stripes.

And the Balmain-like shoulders.

The pants were my attempt at comfort on a day I knew wouldn't be.

Love a wide legged trouser.

So languidly chic for The Office.

Debuted this $6 necklace under the jacket. No one could see it thanks to the cool cut of the jacket. But I knew it was there.

Felt secretly fabulous all day. Feel secretly fabulous every day.


tam pham said...

i loved those rogan pants when they came out, but they fit terribly on me. they look fab on you though!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Fantastic blazer - check, Great pants - check, Of the moment neckpiece - triple check = an outfit of total corporate hotness

JCH said...

Love it...especially the blazer...very chic!

Milly said...

Cute Jacket & Necklace!

amber said...

That necklace is awesome.


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