Monday, August 24, 2009

The Scene
Barely made it through the day.

My reward: The September issue of Vogue in the mail and the season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Fashion heaven.

Favorite part of tonight's show: when Brad deadpans, "We have to be very strategic the day of the Golden Globes. Which is hard because we're not very strategic people."

Always fun to go back and read what I thought of the styling of an awards show after I see the behind the scenes look on RZP. Cannot beeeeeeeeelieve Rachel asked Karl to alter a runway dress. And that he did it and then told her she had been right!!! Shows how much power Rachel wields at the highest levels of the fashion industry.

Ugh. I really played it all wrong when I met her at Cracked Xmas. I should have abandoned all sense of composure and thrown myself at her feet and begged for a job. I hear Brad emailed her every month for a year before he got an interview.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tank
J Brand skinny jeans
St. John jacket

The Accessories
Chanel earrings, necklace and bag
Ray Bans
Sam Edelman booties
Forever 21 bangle

The Grade

The Commentary

I swear I wasn't trying to CHAN(N)EL Taylor or Rachel today.

It just sorta worked out that way.

Wanted to debut the new jacket I picked up at Haute Seconds on Friday. Deliciously tweedy.

Very Chanel-esque with the print, colors, princess sleeves and pearl detailing.

Although it's actually St. John which is like the second best thing to Chanel.

It was on sale for $120 so I HAD to get it. St. John jackets retail for 10 times that. And Chanel jackets cost almost twice as much as St. John ones.

I've dreamed of owning a tweed Chanel jacket since I was a preteen. I know: I'm a problem.

They are just so French chic iconic.

You can dress them down for day.

Or up for evening.

You can even make them look edgy.

As evidenced by Balmain over the last few seasons.

Today I opted to get my Alexa Chung on

Which means pairing the jacket with skinny jeans

And hot shoes

Still think these cheapie booties will serve me well into Fall.

Though if these McQueen ones were to suddenly appear in my closet, don't be surprised ;)


tam pham said...

even before i read what you wrote about not trying to chanel taylor, that's who i totally thought you were channeling! did that even make sense?! you look ferosh.

ps. i die for all of taylor's chanel bags! did you see that blue beauty that she was carrying in last night's episode?!

Jean Bean said...

Yep, gotta be a shameless pain-in-the-ass to get ahead. Ask for what we want. Beg, barter and steal. Sigh.

amber said...

That jacket is killer. <3

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I'm with you sister - A Chanel jacket is the icing on the cake of life

Rosemary said...

LOVE RZP. It's my goal at work to incorporate phrases like "I die" and "BAH-NANAS" into our regular corporate lingo. So far, not terribly successful. A++ on the outfit. :)

Brit Tashjian said...

Ummm....I sort of love your blog...thanks for stopping by my new one...I now have something new to stalk! :)

Sable Crow said...

Love the jacket. At your next major life-moment, I suggest you go and buy a Chanel suit or even just a jacket. Seriously. They never go on sale, they never show up in resale stores because everyone keeps their Chanel, and you want to be able to pick it anyway. I say get it, wear it for ten or twenty years, and amortize the cost over the life of the item.

You deserve it for all that you HAVE accomplished and endured these last couple years. Besides, I've been hearing about this for, oh, fourteen years. You've waited long enough.

So said Mr. Justification. ;)

Sable Crow

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

Kiss you Mr. Justification. But actually Chanel jackets are all over resale and thrift stores. Couple of hundred bucks but beats spending a couple of thousand. I just haven't found the right one in my size. I can wait if you can.

Sheila said...

<3 the jacket!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Next time you're in NYC check out the consignment stores on the Upper East Side. Chanel jacket HEAVEN.

Love that St. John though. Cute look.

Milly said...

love your jacket


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