Monday, July 6, 2009

The Scene
Monday. Back to The Office. Shockingly not as painful as I'd imagined it would be.

Kept myself going all day with the promise of a trip to the salon after work for new bangs. Came out a little "Hi I'm an 8 year old dork" but whatevs. They will get better as they grow out. And as the Brazilian Blowout fades away and the body returns to my hair. Wondering if I'll wake up one day and - poof - my curls will be back. Hope it's more gradual and not - bang - Bride of Frankenstein again.

The Outfit
Elizabeth & James top
Liquid white pants
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories
Delman flats
Forever 21 necklace
Louis Vuitton Speedy

The Grade

The Commentary

Currently obsessed with J Brand's Thrasher white jeans

Keep meaning to find the time to create a DIY version.

For now these old white pants will have to do

Love the white paired with the hot pink.

But the real centerpiece of the outfit was the new necklace. Yet another purchase from the Forever I visited in Hawaii. I cleaned up.

First saw it on Fashionintelligensia

She thought it was tres Burberry

But it also reminds me of Elizabeth and James.

Have been fiending for a low cost version of this Elizabeth and James knuckle ring for nearly a year.

That's how long Fashion Toast has been rocking hers.

Not sure this Chanel girl can pull it off as well as that Alexander Wang chica.

Vera Wang's new statement necklaces, on the other hand, were MADE for me.

But since they cost hundreds of dollars, I smell another DIY crafting day with my mom.

p.s. The Forever 21 necklace also comes in silver. Here's how Kim recently rocked it. Gawd I love that vest. Found the pic of Kim on my newest favorite blog, Monica Rose.

She is the adorable stylist for the Kardashian girls and my newest fashion inspiration. Love what she loves.


Jean Bean said...

Funny your first thought is 8 year old dork. Mine is sexually precocious preteen.

Mar5195 said...

Have you been to Jcrew lately?

They had these cute t-shirts with statement necklaces built into them. They were cute and even tied in the back (it tie part was fused onto the t-shirt). I almost bought this but it was $60 for a tee. That goes against my personal consitution. I'd buy one if you made it though. :)

amber said...

Love the hot pink. Hot!

Lotus said...

I love the Vera Wang statement pretty! Please post your DIY when you do it:)

Victoria said...

those vera necklaces are amazing!


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