Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Scene
Felt more rested this morning than I have in months.

Must help to sleep surrounded by all things achingly beautiful

And statues that bear striking resemblances to Mr. D. ;)

Breakfast with an ocean view also doesn't hurt

Felt like we were back in Hawaii. Sigh.

After breakfast we headed out to join Mr. D's law firm on a little wine tasting excursion for the summer associates. First stop: Artiste Winery and Tasting Studio

They had us break up into teams and design wine labels and create our own blends. Very cool concept.

Mr. D contributed the BEST TREE EVER to one label

And then we lost interest and got down to boozin.

The other team ended up winning the label competition. Really? A wine label with a wine glass and a wine bottle? Could you get any more literal lawyer? The symbolism of our snake in the tree and the shark was OBVIOUSLY lost on the judge. F.

Next stop, Bridlewood Estate Winery. Had the prettiest picnic by a lake I've ever seen. Probably because I've never seen an actual picnic by an actual lake before ;)

Got to peep horseys

Even got my Heathers on

Watching Mr. D get his Top Gun on brought back memories of our first summer with the firm. During a friendly game of volleyball, one of the senior associates missed a ball and Mr. D chastised him with "What are you doing??? You ALWAYS play the back!!" Ugh. I wanted to spank him but only laughed nervously.

Left the work peeps behind and headed to Ca Dario for dinner. The figs wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with goat cheese were orgasmic.

The entrees were even tastier. So difficult to find Italian that's this flavorful but light. Thank goodness for the Peeper's recommendation.

Ended the night with Bruno. Meh. Totally not what I expected. There was like 5 minutes of fashion in the whole movie. F. And god lord, all the graphic sexuality! Mr. Diabolina and I left the theater debating the effect the movie will have on this cultural moment. Is it a triumph for the gay community to have a movie that shoves the camera in the face of homophobia and doesn't flinch? Or is it actually an offensive setback that reduces homosexuals to a caricature and in many ways to the sex act? Ugh ugh ugh. The times we live in...

The Outfit
Forever 21 top
Ann Taylor shorts

The Accessories
Forever 21 bracelet
Chanel bag
Pucci scarf
Dior sunglasses
Urban Outfitters sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Mr. Diabolina and I aren't big wine people. Never been wine tasting. So wasn't quite sure what to wear.

Knew a maxi would be most appropriate but the thought of another dress just bored me to tears.

Decided to rock print shorts

With a white tank

Very summery Style-ish.

Have been searching for a white tank that was flattering through the middle for months.

The bubble effect of this new Forever 21 steal is the perfect way to disguise a tummy filled with figs filled with goat cheese.

The subtle rosette zipper detailing on the neckline was just the cherry on top.

And priced at a 1/10 of what a Phillip Lim top would have cost.

This trend is on the way out so no need to drop lots of cash on it.

Though these little beauties still call my name. Might snap them up if they dip into the hundred dollar range. Their beauty will transcend the trend.


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Santa B. looks like Eden! Gorgeous.

I agree about Bruno--it was practically pornographic. It was more shocking than funny.

I love Jessica Szohr's outfit...and you look so casually chic. :)

Kelley said...

You totally rocked those shorts. They look great on you! I love the back of that tank too.

What a great little getaway you guys had! Glad you were able to rest up. :)

Rachee said...

Love the outfit and the splash of color. Ca'Dario is my fav restaurant, I used to work down the street from it. This Monday has been a bummer, but your posts cheered me up :)

WendyB said...

Now I want to go right back on vacation. Sigh.

JCHokie said...

You look so cute with your bangs, I love them! And love the shorts with the tank too, very cute outfit - as always.

Jessica Love said...

I'm loving the shorts with the white tank!

amber said...

I'm sorry, did you say figs wrapped in prosciuto stuffed with goat cheese?! ::drool::

I'm not a fan of Sasha Baron Cohen's brand of humor in general and the bits and pieces I've read about Bruno turn me off even more. :/

Sheila said...

Not sure if this is too personal, but is there really a bra out there that's made for tops like the white one? I have a similar top with the same cut and I hate wearing my strapless bra since it almost always slides down. Just wondering if you have a recommendation for a remedy?

Madeleine said...

What a great blog! I would love to add one another as followers. Just our trying to network with other creative souls.

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

yeah, that Four Seasons!!!!

great you had fab time!!!

you look good on short!!!nice tank too!!!

Thank you for coming by!!!
Have a great day ahead!!!


Monica said...

Hello! I've been following the blog for a few weeks now and love it! Just one question, why are the posts so back-dated?

Da Fashionista said...

Thanks for reading, Monica!!!

I theoretically blog every day but with vacation and not feeling well I am soooo behind. I may just do a week catch up post otherwise I will always be behind.


Rosemary Brennan said...

Super cute top! I saw it at Forever this weekend and now that I've seen it in action, I'm kicking myself for not scooping it up then. Digging the new header!

Monica said...

Oh totally understandable! I'm not a blogger myself so I was not sure about the posting thing. I do have a personal blog/diary but it only has three posts- so I'm very much a newbie!



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