Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Scene
Life's a peach at the Coral Casino

Spent most of the morning by the pool.

Or in the pool. TRYING to exercise.

Nothing more humiliating than discovering you are so out of shape you require a floatation device to complete a full lap. Except maybe being lapped by 80 year olds. Sigh.

Drowned my sorrows in the best salmon flatbread eva.

Mr. D got a hot dog. Don't even get me started on his ability to eat crap and stay skinny.

Got back to L.A. and headed downtown

Little Miss MBA invited me to the opening night party for the Collecting History exhibit at MOCA

Modern art isn't really my thing.

Though I appreciate the randomness of it all. The ability to get someone to pay you for putting straws through a skull with a wig on it. Or creating a neon tombstone for The Los Angeles Times. Brilliant.

As a big David Lynch fan, I especially appreciate when it's a bit creepy

Like this line on the wall made completely of false eyelashes!

Many of the pieces referenced fashion, clarifying why Opening Ceremony was one of party's hosts.

Truth be told, Little Miss MBA and I were much more interested in the fashionable people watching.

Look at that skirt! And the Minnie Mouse hair.

These BANGin girls were my faves.

Little Miss MBA loved this pleated vintage dress with the wood heel.

Noticed a disproportionate number of blonds in backless blue dresses tonight.

And fierce shoes. GAWD ALL THE FIERCE SHOES!

Summer booties

And strappy yumminess

Love how all the well-heeled peeps stuck together tonight.

And how the fashionable YOUNG artsy kids at the party were lounging around like installations themselves. Just waiting to be viewed and appreciated. And most importantly in the era of The Sartorialist, photographed.

For the most part, I refused to play the game. Took lots of furtive pictures. Didn't want to feed the attention seeking sickness. But Little Miss MBA told me I HAD to photograph this girl. She'd been literally throwing herself in the path of every person with a camera all night. She'll probably be the next American Apparel model. We'll be able to say we knew her when.

The Outfit
Forever 21 zipper rosette top
People Like Frank shorts
Yves Saint Laurent bolero

The Accessories
H&M clutch
Fashion District rosette bracelet
Italian slingbacks

The Grade

The Commentary

Spent most of the day in the big blousy tunic before switching to shorts.

Love how this Forever top works as a swimsuit cover-up

Low cost version of all the bat wing ones on Shopbop

Digging the idea of a sleeveless beach cover up too.

For the exhibit opening, I couldn't deal with getting really dressed up so grabbed the white tank again.

Paired it with black shorts and a light YSL jacket. Done. Boring but done.

Should have donned a boyfriend blazer. They are THE thing for me right now. Love how they toughen up summery looks.

Dying for a white blazer right this very second. Would wear it over rompers and breezy dresses.

Compared to all the edgy young thangs tonight, Little Miss MBA and I felt like old dowdy farts. Kicked ourselves for not remembering L.A. art events are a whole THING. More American Apparel than YSL. Tough since we are more Elle than Nylon.

Lately, I've been thinking that my blog is different from all the "what I wore" fashion blogs run by PYTs like Fashion Toast and Karla. I see them as the stylish models, the creatives, the stylists. My skill set is more in the vein of the editor, the marketer, the businesswoman. Not sure what if anything that means. Not sure I'll ever know exactly what I want to be when I grow up...

In the shorterm, Little Miss MBA and I made a pact. To focus on buying edgier shoes. Ones that will work for our corporate identities and our party lifestyle. Ones that will keep up from feeling dowdy no matter what the scene :)

Personally I think Louboutins are the answer. That red sole is welcome anywhere and everywhere.

I may have not gotten the shoes quite right tonight

But I took solace in the fact that everywhere I looked there was long dark hair with heavy bangs. This old gal still might know a thing or two about what's hep.

p.s. Think we saw Steven Spielberg at Coral Casino today. Couldn't get a picture without being obvious. But I'm pretty sure it was him after hearing that voice. Plus it was his kinda crowd - old tycoons who are richer than god.


Michelle said...

Oy vey on the attention mongers! Ugh. While I can appreciate the creativity and innovation of the fashion bloggers you mentioned, where in the world would I wear something like that?! This why I like your blog D, it's real. It doesn't try too hard! You have a great mix of F21 and designer pieces. One day when I save my dollars, I'm going to book a shopping trip w/you. (not anytime soon though, recently laid off)

Oh and I have the long hair & bang look right it's fashionable? thing about me is fashionable! Although in this heat is pinned up/back - anything to keep it off my neck!

amber said...

I want more fierce shoes, too. Preferably ones with red soles. Unfortunately, I seem to keep coming up empty-handed. :(

Jean Bean said...

Art people act like a parody of fashion people. For reals.

Kani said...

I love that your blog isn't like Fashion Toast and other "PYT" types. I love that you mix F21 and downtown finds with your high end pieces. My favorite is the commentary because you show us how you translated runway looks into accessible and fun options for us mortals. Definitely more like the editor but seriously better than any magazine than I subscribe to.


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