Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Scene
This morning Mr. Diabolina and I put on our shades

Headed west until we hit the ocean

And watched this pretty groom

Vow forever to his even prettier bride.

As their parents looked on approvingly

And their younger brothers giggled adorably.

The most intimate, unassuming ceremony I've ever attended. No surprise given the couple's good taste, laid back attitude and terrific sense of humor.

Check out how they dealt with the swine flu drama on their reception menu. Classic Mr. and Mrs. Roboto!!!

I only got teary about Mexico once today. As I ate my delicous three course brunch, I nearly wept at the thought of all the good meals we would have eaten in Mexico.

We are talking CRAB HASH good, people.

After toasting the marriage of Mr. D's friends from law school beachside...

It was time to head east and celebrate the birthday of my best friend from grammar school at Dodger Stadium.

I befriended Poptarts in second grade when she was 7. Today she turned 32. Don't quite know how that happened.

Tonight she gathered a bunch of girlfriends from high school including my dear Juana who also turns 32 this month. Ugh. Old people all around me.

Old people who loooooooove to eat.

Poptarts baked delicious Dodger brownies for everyone.

And at one point our friend started passing around cupcakes - nearly inciting a riot in our section.

Mr. Diabolina had never seen anything like it.

After the game we rallied and got drinks at a Twin Peaksy bar in Los Feliz. Amazingly random end to an amazingly random day

So blessed to share in the big beautiful life moments of big beautiful clowns.

The Day Look
3.1 Phillip Lim dress
H&M clutch
Chloe sunglasses
Stella McCartney heels

The Day Grade

The Night Look
Luella for Target jacket
Gap tank
Seven Jeans
Marc by MJ clutch
Tory Burch flats

The Night Grade

The Commentary

Let's start with the most important fashion moment of the day: the bride's dress. Fancypants looked absolutely beautiful and radiant and perfect in her Cecilia dress by JCrew.

Can you beeeelive she scored it on sale for just $60??? SHE IS MY HERO. So sad I am going to have to wait another six months to see her Mexico gown.

My second favorite look at the wedding? The officiant - a good friend of the couple's also from law school who was rocking Missoni.

Perfection for a seaside ceremony.

Also looking mah-velous was Victoria of Las Angelenas. LOVED her bejeweled neckline.

Great minds think alike. Loved when her boyfriend asked me if I had made my dress. Told him that I had gotten someone named Phillip Lim to make it for me.

Bought my dress all the way back in November. Mostly because it was on sale and I wanted to use my birthday credit. I do like how different the cut is but not sure I looooove this dress. Worried I won't get enough use out of it.

That's the thing with super embellished dresses

They are memorable and thus less versatile.

Phillip's Spring 2009 dresses have more subtle flourishes

Most of the neckline embellishment came in the form of bib necklaces.

Very architectural in shape - a little like stain glass, no?

I prefer his Fall bib necklaces.

Sadly they prefer not to go on sale. BOOOO!

Still drooling over this season's high end statement necklaces. Loving hundreds of dollats in my wallet more though.

One of my new fave blogs called The Culturistas featured these low cost options. Actually bought the flower necklace weeks ago at Forever to debut in Mexico - boo. And I was JUST eyeing the Banana one in Glamour this weekend. The white Forever one will be mine by week's end. Also considering a few etsy bib necklaces.

Went from the embellished dress by day to Dodger blue jeans tonight. Felt like a Cinderella in reverse. Blech.

Mr. Diabolina and Juana watched worriedly as I had a full blown FASHION EMERGENCY dressing for the game - throwing clothes everywhere, trying on multiple outfits, bemoaning my clinically proven inability to dress down.

Decided to narrow things down to just the right blue outfit

Since it's been a good two decades since I owned a Dodger hat or jersey.

And even the last time I had Dodger wear in my closet it was only because Alyssa Milano had Dodger wear in HER closet. Ugh, my girl crush on Alyssa Milano bordered on problematic.

Or should I saw BORDERS. I am following her on Twitter now. Like a total grown up nerd who thinks she would really like me if she got to know me ;)

In the end I just wore the SAME blue blazer and clutch I wore the last time I went to a Dodger game. LAME.

Wore my Raybans and rolled up my jeans in a pathetic attempt to look slightly fashionable. Didn't work. F me.

Debated on wearing my Converse tonight. Haven't worn them in over a year. Tonight would have been the perfect blog debut but I went with the Reva flats instead. Wasn't feeling the butch.

In the end, it didn't matter that I had Tory Burch on my feets. Felt like a total and utter sasquatch by the time we got home. Too much drinking and eating and dressing down.

I don't know why I even attempt casual wear. It's not me. If I am going to stay up past midnight I need me some sequin slippers. Period.


weezermonkey said...

This post is delicious, even with the Dodger rerun.

We just went last week and are going again Thursday. It's clock radio night!

tam pham said...

i heart your friends and your Phillip Lim dress.

ShoeZQ said...

First you looked fabulous dressed up and dressed down. Second thanks for the Etsy bib necklace link.

Jean Bean said...

YAY for the Robotos! Perfection!

I say work that dress as much as possible. Amortize it. The worst that happens is some bitches start saying, "Oh, I guess Diabolina's wearing that fabulous, gorgeous Phillip Lim AGAIN." Cuz they'll be jealous. And they can suck it. Cuz they're bitches.

Ivy said...

Love the Phillip Lim dress on you! It is absolutely fab, and you should wear the heck out of it!

P.S. Was at the local Forever 21 yesterday, and they had Diorette inspired rings in store! The ones you scored downtown look better, but for $3.80 a pop I couldn't pass it up :).

Rosie said...

I love that dress!

lookrichbitch said...

you looked amazing in the dress! can i borrow? ;)

Fabulosity said...

I was wondering what you ended up getting at Philip LIm. It's gorgeous and you looked beautiful.

WendyB said...

That clutch! Love it.

Sable Crow said...

Yay! This old crow loves the Philip Lim dress and wouldn't mind seeing it every day, like Grey Gardens.

I really think it's the best outfit for daytime. I really do.

Juana said...

Bunny ears are so childish!! Sheesh!!
You look great dressed up or down, silly! Quit your worrying!!

Victoria said...

The dress looks fantastic on you!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits on you. That dress is divine, and I love how you paired it with the blue accessories.

The dressed-down look is fab too! I don't know why you felt terrible in it. But I can relate with the casual problem. I can so do dressed-up easier than dressed-down.

amber said...

I gotta agree with the others - that dress is fabulous on you. I think it should come out and play lots and lots. I only wish I could pull off grey like you can. <3


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