Friday, May 1, 2009

New 2009 Feature
My Super Sweet Fashion Face Off
Diabolina v. Olivia Palmero v. Gwen Stefani
in shorts for evening

Now if you are an avid reader of this blog you know I am no fan of Ms. Multipletude. Sure, I occasionally like what she wears but I mostly disdain her witchy ways.

Mrs. Rossdale, on the other hand, I worship. Not only is she a talented performer and mommy mogul but she is a bonafide style icon.

However, I thought both women were "misses" not "hits" in recent shorts for evening looks. It's not that their looks were flat out terrible - they just were mostly terrible ;)

Sure, Olivia's outfit was simple and monochromatic. But instead of understated chic it simply read: yawn.

Gwen's outfit was the exact opposite of boring- it had too much going on. Tights and the tartan and the belt and blazer and the print clutch AND the YSL platform tributes. Soooo many contrasting pieces, sooo many textures. Just too many mixed messages. Feels almost too high fashion to work off a runway - especially in laid back LA.

Think I managed to strike a better balance than both fashionistas with my first foray into shorts for evening. Threw together a fun and summery look with luxe accessories and cool but complimentary pieces. And doesn't my look feel more age appropriate - less like a costume - than the other two?

Now it's your turn for commentary: Who do you think won this fashion face-off? Vote in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

Duh. Mrs. D always wins.

Jean Bean said...

gwen can pull off almost anything, but this look is not passable as an evening look. or for any other human being.

Victoria said...

va-va-voom look at those legs!

Val said...

Love your outfit...I even went to Target to get the hat. Now I just need a Chanel bag :)

Rosie said...

I love your outfit but don't like the hat.. sorry! but you look soo much better than Olivia and Gwen..

JCH said...

I love your outfit! Fun and flirty, just like you!

lookrichbitch said...

i love it! blazer and shorts! must try!

Anonymous said...

Love You! You look abso fabu ! ! !

Tiffany said...

olivia looks weird in that outfit. gwen just looks like gwen (in a good way of course) and you, I adore! love the blazer and shorts. once it is hot enough here, I will be rocking that look.

You've inspired me to get a cute summer hat! I have a ton of winter hats but have never tried a hat for the summer.


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