Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Scene
A month ago I found out that I'd have to head up to San Francisco for a work conference. On a Sunday. Just my luck. Figured I'd make the most of it and plan a romantic weekend for Mr. Diabolina.

Fast forward just a few weeks and our world has been turned upside down by a family tragedy. And sadly, today, traveling out of LA just added to all the stress we've been feeling. Think the fear and anger we've both been squelching for weeks finally bubbled up to the surface. Spent half the day bickering. Over stupid things. And not so stupid things. So much for getting away from it all.

Eventually strolled around Union Square and Chinatown and snapped out of our funk. Monkeys helped. They always do.

Chanel helped too. It always does.

But Peaches aka "El Cerdito" saved the day by recommending Lark Creek Steakhouse for a scrumpdidliumpcious dinner.

Nothing like a pretty boy, a glass of scotch and a buttermilk biscuit to melt my troubles away.

Day Outfit
Diane Von Furstenberg top
Liquid pants
Banana Republic coat
Chanel bag and sunglasses
Gucci scarf
Louis Vuitton earrings
Tory Burch gold flats
Me&Ro necklace

Night Outfit Same as Day Except:
Forever 21 skirt
Prada sandals
Tarina Tarantino bracelet

The Commentary

Unlike Nor Cal native Fashion Toast, dressing for San Francisco does not come naturally to this fashionista.

Donnning winter clothes or dark colors in late May just does not compute for me. I admit it. I am soooo a So Cal spoiled brat.
(Did you know that "Mediterranean" climates like L.A.'s only constitute 2% of the earth but are inhabited by 20 % of the world's population?)

So today I stayed true to my So Cal roots and built my day and evening look around this very summery DVF top. $50 resale. BEEN OBSESSED WITH THE PRINT FOR A YEAR!

Paired it with white pants and a nubby neutral Banana Republic coat that I would NEVER wear in Los Angeles between the months of May and September.

Would have been fun to roughen up the look a little with distressed white pants.

Must find a cheap designer pair resale that I won't feel bad cutting up.

For dinner, I just tucked the top into this deeevine Forever skirt.

Love love love the tulip shape.

The shape is super flattering because it's just high waisted enough.

And it's got a bit of pouf around the hips. Just the right amount to let them breathe after a big meal but not look enormous.

Felt a bit strange about wearing the black purse with the light colors today.

But I was in a rush to get to the airport in the morning and didn't want to switch purses. Plus I figured everything goes with Chanel ;)

Loved how the coat functioned like a long blazer today.

Was perfect for the day but wasn't warm enough for the arctic chill of a Nor Cal evening.

No one batted an eye at me during the day but as soon as the skirt came out - ugh. Even Mr. Diabolina was struck by the number of stares we got. Mostly from women. Mad dogging women. Made me horribly self conscious. Probably because it'd been an emotional day. Funny how we have no idea what that stranger on the street is going through and yet so often we judge them.

Must remember that legs aren't something they see very often in San Francisco. NOT EVEN IN THE SUMMER. Ugh. I.would.die.

Can't imagine what people would've done if I wore the skirt with some serious heels instead of my sensible traveling Pradas.

Fear they'd have a coronary if I did heels AND leather. Except in The Castro. Boyz there would get it. Gay boys always get it.


amber said...

Being a NorCal girl originally bright colors and skin don't come out to play very much. It's usually too chilly! :) I still don't leave the house here without a jacket - even if it's 100 degrees or more. Because up north, 100 during the day doesn't necessarily corrolate to warm temps at night. heh.

Sorry you guys had a rough start to the day. {{hugs}}

Tiffany said...

I feel like you talk a lot about how these mean people always stare at you, but I think that you need to take a different perspective on the stares. just because someone is staring at you does not mean they are thinking bad thoughts. I mean, you could be right, but take it from the other perspective that they are admiring you and maybe you won't feel so self conscious after all.

I often find people staring at me and I look straight at them and smile. Most of the time they smile back and a lot of times the women will tell me that they are admiring my shoes or purse or whatever. I live in a city where fashion is not yet appreciated but often times I find that people do appreciate well dressed people.

Da Fashionista said...

Point taken, Tiffany. I just want to clarify that I am pretty sure I know the difference between admiring looks and looks that are more about the insecurity someone feels. I often am approached by women asking me where I got an article of clothing or complimenting me. I often do the same to others.

That disgusted, offended look people give you is something altogether different. I comment on it frequently because I find it beyond depressing the number of smart attractive and successful women who are fundamentally insecure. Myself included. But at least I consciously never try to throw my shit on anyone else - friend or stranger. And I try to use this blog as a way to address what we do to each other as women -supportive and passive aggressive.

Annie said...

Not sure if it is legit, but it couldn't hurt right? I'm making the two hour drive :)

Anonymous said...

About the looks, I think don't pick it up and don't put it down. Kiss.

KT said...

Chanel. Does go with everything.

Juana said...

are those oysters?

Da Fashionista said...

why, yes, pig, they are ;)

oysters rockefeller - spinach, pernod, bread crumbs. most decadent thing ever.

tam pham said...

that skirt is fabulous. your pretty olive skin looks even prettier when you wear bright, punchy colors.

Ann Marie said...

In defense of San Franciscans (since I'm a native), I don't think it was the bare legs that people found surprising. I lived there for 26 years and almost always wore skirts or dresses. Never got any odd looks, although my friends were incredulous that I wasn't cold all the time. I do think it was probably the bright color that attracted attention. Black, gray, brown, dark blues and burgundy are the most popular go-to colors up there. I have to admit that I didn't purchase much outside of that spectrum until I moved to SoCal.

Milly said...

Love the top, it went great with the skirt

lookrichbitch said...

i don't think anyone stares at me. or maybe i just don't notice. i'm just trying to avoid getting suckered into talking to the greenpeace guy for 20 minutes so i keep walking and look straight ahead. haha!

i need more skirts dammit!


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