Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Scene
No pictures this am. The morning after a thirtysomething bachelorette party is a bit of a bloodbath. No need to document.

Make it back to L.A. in one piece and have a leisurely lunch at Urth Cafe with my mom. We discuss Flower's mama and the nature of friendship and my pipe dreams of owning a business.

In the evening, we head to LAX to pick up Mr. Diabolina. Get all the dirt on the thirtysomething bachelor party. Glad to report there were no arrests or injuries.

Well, except for the one Mr. Roboto aka The Bachelor sustained before he left on the trip. It involved a cheese grater and STITCHES. HAHAHAH - only Mr. Roboto! Thankfully, the injury didn't keep him from dancing his way through the weekend. With a popped collar, no less ;)

The Outfit
Anne Klein button down
H&M shorts
The Accessories
Gucci bag
Skull scarf
Me&Ro necklaces
Louis Vuitton
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Chanel sunglasses
The Grade

The Commentary

I love that Coachella influenced all my packing for the weekend and I didn't even go. What.a.nerd.

Knew shorts would be a good idea for a Palm Springs weekend.

Also knew that I couldn't do the itsy bitsy shorts and tank tops twentysomethings wear to Coachella. I am a grand dame of a certain age and weight, after all.

So I started thinking about all the shorts with tights looks I'd been drooling over all winter

But never quite had the balls to attempt.

That got me thinking about the perfect shirt dress I want to pair with tights and heels

Which lead me to this look. As I've mentioned in the past, I am not a button down person AT ALL. But this look I LOVE. Probably because I'm so bad at dressing down. This is a flawlessly fancy casual look.

Bought this button down resale for $7 recently. Mostly because it was fitted enough and long enough to work tucked in.

And it was under $10, good quality and wouldn't show my sweaty monster tendencies? SOLD.

Felt a little awkward at first today - I was wearing a button down with shorts tucked in, peoples!!! Didn't help that Mr. Diabolina and my mom didn't quite get it. They thought I looked a little "Welcome to McDonald's. May I help you?" Wah.

Tried to shake off their playful ribbing and doubts. I told them the girls at the bachelorette party liked it. Especially with the Tarjay hat I wore in the morning to disguise the hangover. So there. Plus the outfit was really comfortable. And wasn't that the point post thirtysomething bachelorette party?

By midday, I had gotten loads of approving looks from strangers. And by the end of the day, I felt like hot shit. YAY! Convinced myself that I want to live in preppy "I summer in the Hamptons" outfits this summer.

Now I am dying to wear shorts with a jacket.


Just have to work on the hot legs part first :)

Also on my short(s) list of must buys: shorts in a funky print.

And another girly romper.

Can't believe just a year ago I had sworn off shorts. Goes to show you that you should never say never ;)


weezermonkey said...

I think you legs are totally hot.

amber said...

I love you in shorts. My poor pasty legs do much, much better in skirts, but if I were you, I'd rock shorts all summer, too.

Speaking of rompers, we saw Michelle Kwan at the Lakers game Tuesday in a hot little black silk romper, gold 4" heels and earrings and a high, sleek ponytail. She looked so chic and kinda fierce! Easily one of the prettiest gals we saw walk through the VIP entrance.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the outfit pic I immediately thought of Jennifer Anniston. You look hawt, lady!

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

Love the shorts and the button down look. So preppy.

I may have to get my unsexy legs in shape for this summer to wear an outfit like that.

Patricia said...

Wha?! I'm surprised that the outfit was teased. I love it...and think it deserves at LEAST an A.

Unknown said...

your mom is toooooo cute!

You look adorable and sexy in shorts! ...I'm always a bit scared of shorts because my legs are so muscular. I'd like to wear them with flat sandals but I think they'd look better with heels or wedges but then I feel like LOOK AT ME!!!, I usually just don't. YOu look fab!!!!

HazelnutPhotography said...

Puffy heart loving the outfit. Sexay.

J.Crew has TONS of colorful print shorts on sale!

Lynn Tran said...

I think you look great in shorts. Sadly, I have discovered I can no longer wear shorts, not even of the length that you are sporting. Have succumbed to wearing fitted shorts that come to the knees. Think they look okay (plus they are ultra-comfy), but I do miss the days of my 20s when I didn't have to worry about the length of my shorts ;).

Jean Bean said...

I like the look a lot! Maybe I copy!

WendyB said...

Sometimes you have to overcome some fashion skepticism. Two people called my Roland Mouret skirt "interesting" today.

Milly said...

D, you look great in it
i wish i can wear should wear shorts more often...Tres chic!

JillFantastic said...


Julie said...

I, too, can't believe this outfit was mocked. I absolutely love it! Good choice.

lookrichbitch said...

gulp.. dare i jump on the band wagon and try my waist at tucking?

scared. hold me.

Anonymous said...

Such a classic look! I LOVE it.


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