Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Scene
St. JudE and M&M have been on the board of a USC booster club for over five years now. Like good little Trojans, they throw an annual fundraiser with a fun theme and fab silent auction. All proceeds benefit student scholarships - a cause near and dear to my cardinal and gold heart.

The theme of this year's event: Caddy Shack. Best. party. theme. ever.

Especially since the "par-tee" was held at the Cota de Caza golf club.

Very Housewives of Orange County fabulous.

Had lots of fun boozing and talking fashion with this saint and this devil - per usual

Especially WONDERFUL catching up with M&M. She recently ventured out to a Hollywood club for the first time since last year's accident. It was her little sister's bachelorette party so she couldn't miss it. But she was worried about how people in a club might treat her, how self conscious she might feel.

Glad to report she had nothing to worry about - the people were cool and she had a blast. Wheelchair or no wheelchair, M&M is a rockstar. Glad to see she is starting to remember that.

Lovely lovely night. Always feels so good to support the ole alma mater. After all it's the place where I met some of the dearest people in my life.

The Outfit
Thrifted dress and jacket

The Accessories
Faux Van Cleef and Arpels earrings
Me&Ro necklace
Marc Jacobs shoes
Forever 21 headband
Gucci bag and scarf
Juicy Couture charm bracelet

The Grade
Third Place in the costume competition

The Commentary

Seriously I want to shake the hand of the person who came up with tonight's theme. It was the PURRFECT play on the event's location and the OC/USC crowd in attendance.

Plus every guy who doesn't love theme parties DOES love golf. Or the movie Caddyshack. Or owns a polo. I find getting boys into the theme of a costume party is critical.

Our boys definitely got into the theme. Polos, khakis, white shoes. Mr. D takes the cake with the plaid pants he picked up today at a thrift store.

EVERYONE was getting their prepster on tonight.

Lots of argyle and shorts

Hats and white pants

Thankfully I already had the perfect outfit in my closet. Bought this dress at Aardvark's two years ago for Mr. Roboto's tennis-themed 30th birthday party.

Tonight I added the little blue bow Marc shoes

and the Alice in Wonderland headband to match. Oh and I snapped on my trusty pony wig cuz I didn't feel like doing my hair.

The jacket I found in pristine condition at a Goodwill in grad school like 10 years ago. AH-MAZING RIGHT??? The "Newport Cheer" on the back and "Taylor" embroidered on the chest sealed the deal.

Tonight I wore it with Gucci and Juicy.

My friends were calling me Miss TayTay all night.


I came in - drum roll - third in the evening's costume competition. This guy nabbed second. A crest on a blazer always trumps an embroidered cheerleader jacket - duh!

And a yellow jumpsuit on an old wine-guzzling guy should always win first place. In ANY costume competition. At ANY party. Seriously, it should be the law of the land.

p.s. Current sporty spice crush: Maria Sherapova.

DYING over every detail of this outfit.

Wishing I was lithe enough to pull this one off too. Love all the neutrals with her tan and simple hair/makeup. Perfection!

p.p.s She certainly has a thing for dem der white pants, no? Remember what she wore to the Armani trunk show when my knee sat next to her butt? Ah the memories...


weezermonkey said...

Mr. D wins.

MissJordyPants said...

Puffy heart love Mr. D's pants. Those are fantastic!

tam pham said...

Mr.D...such a cute little preppie! LOVED your outfit.

Anonymous said...

Why do golfers always carry two pairs of trousers with them ?
Just in case they had a hole in one. times!

fancypants said...

Silly girl. Don't forget that Fancypants bought you that sweet dress from JetRag for Mr. Roboto's party. Where's the love?!?

Love the pants on Mr. D. Most awesome!

Da Fashionista said...


F. you only come out of woodwork to correct me.

yes, now i remember. i bought a dress from aardvark's but ended up wearing the one you didn't wear.

early alzheimer's. it's a bitch.

Tiffany said...

too fun! love it with the cute little marc flats.

fancypants said...

Your mind may be in the mud, but you look fabulous, my dear. You are doing amazing things with this blog!

amber said...

That theme! So dang funny!


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