Friday, March 27, 2009

The Scene
Got home around 10 pm last night and went straight to bed. Wake up 10 hours later STILL exhausted. Ughs. The flight from New York to Lalaland always wrecks me.

Probably didn't help that I watched back to back to back episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker on the plane. OMFG that show. Reminded me that Bravo will hand out a reality show to practically anyone. Think I know a ballsy big-boned Beverly Hills brunnette with bangs that they'd love ;)

Work from home today. Watch Sunshine Cleaning with Mr. Diabolina in the evening. Was so happy he suggested it. Especially after reading Kate of All Trades' blog post about the film and her little boy. (Seriously my friends' ability to write so exquisitely BLOWS MY MIND.)

Liked the film well enough. Always interesting to get a dramatized glimpse into a family's dysfunction. Plus LOOVE Emily Blunt and Amy Adams. Both so young and full of promise. I remember the days...

The Outfit
Forever 21 strapless tunic, leggings, wrap vest

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Fashion District scarf and ring
Chanel bag
Forever 21 bangle
Urban Outfitters sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Felt super discombobulated today. Partly because I couldn't believe NY went so well and was finally over. Partly because I couldn't believe the glorious springtime weather in LA today.

Cannot get enough of this scarf

Or this ring so decided to build the casual Friday outfit around the two cheapie accessories

Instinctually went for the leggings - sleek and comfortable and done.

Added the purple dress to the leggings and the little sleeveless vest over it.

Wore these sandals as a big "thank god I don't live on the east coast." WESTSIIIIIIIIIIIDE 4 LIFE!

Have been loving ankle wrap sandals lately.

Completely enamored with this Ash bootie Little Miss MBA introduced me to recently.

Also digging this strappy brown AND black LAMB flat sandal.

Dying over this little perforated beauty too.

So fugly sexy.

So many interesting flat sandals this spring on Shopbop right now. Most outrageously expensive unfortunately.

This Balmain alone costs over $1500!!!

Really need a pair of neutral ones.

Going to keep my eyes open at Urban Outfitters. Don't want to spend more than $50.

Probably won't find a quirky corky pair like this though. Ugh I DIE! Perfect for our upcoming tropical beach vacations.

Also digging the idea of ruffles on my flat sandals

Oh and color too

And neutrals with color. Yum-my. So many sandals, so little summer.


lookrichbitch said...

\X/ (those are supposed to be my fingers making the WESTSIIIIIDE sign. hahaha!)

I looooove your sandals! And love the ones you highlighted too. I think I need a pair. ASAP. But I'm kinda low on funds after my mini shopping sprees.

smoochies girl! and welcome home!

Julie said...

OOPS, I clicked on F by mistake! Sorry :(

Kate said...

That scarf is so DVF! Love.

Victoria said...

My BF would die and go to heaven if he could attend a Caddyshack themed party. How fun!

Kate said...

Loving the sandals. Definitely in the market for some mega perfect sandals to go with my new white dress from H&M.

amber said...

You look cute in the ankle straps. They just make me look chunky monkey. Blah!


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