Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Scene
On pins and needles for Mr. Diabolina most of the morning. By noon, we know he's safe. Unfortunately, a dear family friend who works closely with him isn't. Horrible. These are awful, awful times we are living in.

After work, Mr. Diabolina and I have a bittersweet dinner out. That's the worst part about layoffs - you feel relieved that you are safe but feel terrible for the people who were let go. They leave you a discombobulated jumble of emotions for weeks.

Tonight, I looked at Mr. Diabolina and my heart broke. I saw the lost innocence and confusion in his eyes. What remains is disillusion and resignation. Resignation that it just plain sucks to be an adult in a world gone mad.

That's probably why I suggested heading over to Baskin Robbins after dinner. Nothing like a childhood favorite to help you drown those adult sorrows.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tank
Banana Republic wrap sweater
Rogan for Target slacks

The Accessories
Forever 21 scarf and bracelet
Damier inspired bangle
Miu Miu slides
Thrifted clutch

The Grade

The Commentary

Gravitated toward the gray today given the gloomy life circumstances. It's the color many designers are leaning toward this fall. Including Missoni who showed a hobo chic collection of wondorous knit layers that has everyone atwitter.

So if you haven't gotten into gray yet, I recommend you start. You don't have to do it head to toe.

You can start integrating it slowly.

A gray scarf is a low cost, easy way to begin. Goes with everything.

Especially loving it with navy lately.

I opted for a flowy knit sweater today with the monochromatic tank.

Injected a shot of color with - you guessed it - the scarf.

Would have loved to rock the gray with yellow today

Absolutely BANANAS for yellow right now.

Instead of my gray Stella pumps, I chose the Miu Miu snakeskin slides. More on trend. Plus they let my pinkie pedicure add some more color to the dreary look.

BTW, snakeskin accessories look like they will still be big next fall.

Loving all the fall shoes at Missoni. Look at the texture and the popped collar on that heel!!!

Selected this little clutch today. Not sure why - haven't worn it in years. Picked it up at Goodwill a decade ago for $5.

Today I pretended it was Marc Jacobs.

And that my bling bling was real. Look, a girl's gotta get through this recession somehow.


Paddington said...

Phew! Thank goodness for Mr. D. Good to appreciate what you got while you got it. And ice cream makes everything better.

Also, sending good wishes to those who weren't so fortunate. Hope we all make it through the rough times this year.

tam pham said...

good news for mr. d! yay! I LOVE baskin robbins.

HazelnutPhotography said...

so glad for him and for you! And I'm loving all the grey... need to find a scarf.

WeezerMonkey said...

I am still disgusted about how that layoff was handled.

lookrichbitch said...

in case you need more ice cream!


Lynn said...

Glad to hear Mr. D was spared by the layoffs. Hopefully, his friend will have other opportunities opened to him/her. It's hard to imagine when it happens, but usually these kind of things lead to greater and better opportunities.

WendyB said...

Relieved for MrD!

xs said...

phew for mr. d. loving those missoni heels.

Kate said...

SO glad to hear that Mr. D got through the layoffs unscathed - but sad to hear about his coworker. Scary times. This is where we should be happy to have our second jobs outside of work, right? ;)

Rachee said...

yay for Mr. D, boo for his friend :(

What a coinky dink. I was at F21 Tuesday and bought a grey cardi and yellow dress and thought Diabolina would approve :)

Victoria said...

thank goodness! but times are still tough even when you have a job so i hope he is ok. xo

amber said...

so glad to hear mr. d is safe. we just found out a friend was laid off on the east coast for a ridiculous reason. nutty times indeed. :(


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