Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Scene
When Peaches left for NYC a few weeks ago, he re-gifted us with a couple of bottles of champagne. Lucky us! So tonight Mr. Diabolina and I popped open a bottle. On a Wednesday. To celebrate we'd made it this far :)

While Mr. D watched Top Chef, I devoured a much tastier treat: the Nordstrom catalouge.

Am a sucker for the Toledo illustrations.

And all the yellow accents

Especially with statement necklaces

Plus the polka dots

And prints

And especially polka dots WITH prints. Ugh. Nothing like fashion to get me past hump day.

The Outfit
Fashion District shift
Vintage trenchcoat

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
American Apparel tights
Forever 21 sunglasses and bracelet
Marc Jacobs purse
BCBG boots

The Grade

The Scene

Rainy outside today. Built the outfit around the tights and the boots.

Am obsessing over the tights Marc showed for Fall.

Love the styling of the show - so many seemingly disparate pieces working in perfect harmony.

Today I chose the navy blue dress in my own attempt to create a little contrast, a little pop. And because navy has been catching my eye lately.


And skirts


And coats


And patterns

Loving it paired with a rich clay brown

And layers of fabulous gray

Think the overall look ended up a bit clownier than the last time I wore it with monochromatic YSLs instead of today's contrasting BCBGs. Lots of mouths agape at the office. Ugh. Kept my coat on most of the day. Whatevs - you win some, you lose some. It's JUST fashion ;)

Am loving that the shape, material AND color of my dress was very similar to this Marni look for Fall.

Adore the idea of pairing it with a dusty pink shoe.

Also digging that florals are sticking around for fall...AH-gain!

So luxe looking with all the contrasting textures and patterns. They create such dimension.

But the solids at Marni were pretty amazing too.

You know how I feel about this yellow. Especially with that necklace.

I want all the Marni accessories, per usual. F.

So many necks and wrists in bloom.

My little Louis Vuitton ears today don't really compare. Boo.

Though I did pretty well with my own contrasting tights and shoes today. Those people at work don't know nuffin'.

And this bag on the runway - not too different from today's putty colored Marc bag. YAY! Makes me feel like I just SAVED $2,000.

I'll toast to that ;)


WendyB said...

You know how I feel about Marc but I must admit those tights are cool!

WeezerMonkey said...

I would've watched Top Chef instead of flipping through the Nordstrom catalog. ;)

tam pham said...

i would have watched Top Chef WHILE flipping through the Nordstrom catalog. i heart top chef. said...

How funny that you go navy - we must be in sync. I posted my first outfit commentary today - FIRST EVER! Well, aside from wedding shopping shiz, but that doesn't count.

I get my Marc by Marc Jacobs taupe bag today - and I'm to excited about it!!

The beautiful and glammed said...

like the navy! and love the layout, cool blog coming from a new follower! x

Anonymous said...

I watch top chef too.... Mr. D rules.

Anonymous said...

Top Chef rules... Mr. D rules. You rule! We miss you....

amber said...

ditto tam pham!


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