Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Scene
Manage to almost get through Monday unscathed. Almost.

Mr. Diabolina calls me as I am getting ready to leave The Office tonight. Says his company is announcing layoffs tomorrow. It's leaked on the Web. AAAAAAAAAAA!!!

He sounds shell-shocked. And there's fear in his voice - it's subtle but it's there. Fear is not something I hear often in his voice so when I do it's destabilizing. I have a minor freak out at work so I can be calm and supportive for him at home.

After discussing all possible case scenarios over dinner, I feel confident that he will be OK. He feels confident that he will be OK. But it's just terrible that we have to even wonder. We've done everything right - did well in school, worked hard for the last decade, lived within our means - how is this our life? How is this the fear that gripes millions of people as they go to bed each night?

I blame Cheney. F.

After a sobering, heavy evening, we try to end the night on a note of frivolity, on a note of Whitney. Unfortunately, even The City is full of DRAMARAMA tonight. Ay Dios Mio!

Question: Do you think Olivia is a sociopath? I do. How could you possibly claim you did something when you clearly didn't and you were being filmed NOT doing what you said you did???? Bananas.

And, no, I don't think the producers manufactured this particular storyline. None of those DVF or Elle people are good enough actors. I think she is one of those people - like OJ - that live in a Bizarro world of their own creation.

The Outfit
Image sweater
H&M dress

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Fashion District necklace and bag
Manolo Blahnik shoes

The Grade

The Commentary

With visions of Lanvin dancing in my head

I dug out my beloved two tone H&M dress this am. Loving all things mellow yellow right now.




Evening wear.

Spring dresses

Fall skirts

A clutch in yellow paired with work separates

A scarf in yellow paired with casual basics

Have always avoided doing yellow with white and black - too bumblebee!

But all of a sudden dying to give it a whirl.

If I had my way (and the financial world wasn't ending), I'd run right out and get this Milly dress

And this DVF top. Need them. Like yesterday.

Particularly loving today's ingenious idea of pairing the yellow with the hot pink. So flattering, so unabashedly girly, so springtime.

Dug out this old tote today on whim. Remember when this style was all the rage like 10 years ago? It was a Christmas present from Mr. Diabolina. The first purse he ever got me, I think. I remember it was such an extravagance - cost more than $50.

Aw the good old days...

The days when I knew nothing of Christian Louboutin

Or Miu Miu

And my future was bright and sparkly - like a sequin.


WeezerMonkey said...

Olivia = Satan

I watched that episode with my mouth open. Unreal.

On the flip side, however, Whitney is a doormat. She should've said something right then and there.

I look terrible in yellow. Sad.

WendyB said...

I worked with someone like this: "How could you possibly claim you did something when you clearly didn't AND you were being filmed NOT doing what you said you did????" -- Sociopath was exactly the word I used.

Fingers crossed for Mr. D.

tam pham said...

i HATE olivia. hoping for the best for mr. d.

Heather said...

I cannot understand why Whitney didn't speak up or at least confront Olivia!!

I am loving the yellow! Being from Pittsburgh, I avoid the yellow/black combo. Unless I am going to a Steeler game.

lookrichbitch said...

argh.. you just reminded me that i totally forgot to watch the city! booo.

and double boo about Mr. D's office.

KT said...

Great look. Sorry about the nervewracking news. I had to cut hours on everyone on my staff this week. What a terrible feeling.

HazelnutPhotography said...

Fingers Crossed for Mr. D!

Fabi said...

that yellow dress is beautiful, can't believe it's from H&M. prayers for Mr. D and you, too!

Milly said...

i can't believe Olivia either...my mouth dropped ...Whitney should have said something not at that moment but after atleast!!
Love this color combo.

...love Maegan said...

love your outfit .


I just watched The City last night and COULD NOT BELIEVE Olivia!!!!! How could she possibly take credit for that when she DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO KEEP IT IN THE MIX? On top of it all, IT'S ON TAPE~!!!! I was squealing while watching it ...and thought it must be set up so hopefully Olivia gets hers in the end. She's gorgeous but damn is she a biiiiitch!!!

...love Maegan said...

oh, and Good Luck to the Mr. ...times are stinky man.

amber said...

super cute outfit! A+!


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