Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Trend: Stripes and Strappy Sandals

The Scene
Monday. Back in The Office.

Thank da baby Jesus I had a new Gossip Girl to look forward to all day.

Can you beeeeelieve Leigh Lezark made a cameo tonight???

And Little J was - surprise, surprise - a total ingrate about it. F.

Confession: I am totally over the GG story lines. Only watch it for the clothes. And the glimpses of New York. Gawd I miss me some Sex and the City.

The Outfit
Forever 21 sleeveless vest
Banana Republic top
Madewell jeans
Burberry trench

The Accessories
Me&Ro necklace
Bendel's headband
Sam Edelman wedges
Louis Vuitton Speedy

The Grade

The Commentary

This outfit is what you get when I am totally horribly completely utterly hopelessly discombobulated. New York really did a number on me. Or maybe Peaches and Jean Bean stole my fashion mojo. Like that cat steals your breath in the movie Cat's Eye. F.

Used this easy breezy look as my inspiration.

Not sure why I thought stripes would be a good idea when I feel big as a house.

Think it was my attempt at fashion with a capital F.

Couldn't believe the 7o degree weather all weekend. Must be why I added the trench coat. What. a. weather. weirdo.

Again, not quite sure why I rolled up my jeans, but I did.

Maybe it was to show off the shoes. They really are the gladiators that keep on ticking. Remember my big internal debate about getting them last year?

Glad I did. Seeing sooooo many look alikes. EXPENSIVE ones.

Guiseppe Zanotti - $895

Loeffler Randall $695

Balmain $795

Meet my latest peep toe obsession on Shopbop: Omelle. O MY.

Found this great interview with the creative director on a new blog I am devouring called Breakfast at Saks.

Gotta love a girl with a business plan and hot shoes.


tam pham said...

i think that top looks great on you! i love black and white outfits!

weezermonkey said...

I didn't know you like Omelle. They were clients of mine back at my second firm. Very nice girls!

Prudence said...

I like this's a cross between gossip girl and jailbird. Kiss.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Love Love Love the shoes!!!!

lookrichbitch said...

you're taunting me with your Burberry...

amber said...

I haven't caught up with GG since the new episodes started in March. Hopefully this weekend.


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