Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina and I have been driving past Pinches Tacos for what seems like two pinche years. Thought the name was genius but figured the tacos couldn't be any pinche good.

But on a whim we decided to try them this weekend. And they were good. Pinche good. So today we went back. And they were even better. I am in pinche love. Especially with the salsa verde on the carne asada tacos.

Here's Mr. D making fun of me and my pinche salsa addiction. He's so pinche annoying now that he's 32.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress and jacket

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton bag
Manolo Blahnik

The Grade

The Scene
Still a total pinche mess today when it came time to get dressed. Ugh. Have zero desire to look cute for work. That's definitely what's wrong.

After trying on and discarding several looks, the flash of purple in the closet caught my eye. Pinche cuckoo for purple at the moment.

Trying to figure out how to wear my new purple bubble skirt. It's a whole lotta of Barney.

It's much easier to integrate purple accessories and not look like a large dinosaur.

Currently mooning over this pinche Chloe bag. So beautifully impractical.

Tried to convince myself today that my dress was a cross between last season Marc

And Rodarte. Instead of a pinche three year old Forever 21 ;)

The deep V reminded me of the Old Navy dress I should have bought a few weeks ago. What a pinche cheapskate. Must stop by and pick it up soon.

Not quite sure why I added the little retro green jacket. Probably just trying to create some color contrast. And cover up the deep V for The pinche Office.

Maybe I was inspired by the First Lady and all her lady like European looks.

Soooooo proud to have these two representing us abroad. Fan-pinche-tastic.


Michelle said...

I just passed by that taco place last night! I'll have to check it out!

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

those tacos look AH Mazing. My tummy is grumbling just looking at them! And that Chloe bag is stunning, wish I had an extra thousand or two to spare :(

lookrichbitch said...

I was a little sad that I missed out on the F21 bubbly skirt. I meant to order it but alas was hemming and hawing for too long and now it's all gone. poo.

and I don't know what pinche means but I want those tacos!

Jean Bean said...

Tenemos Pinche Taqueria a Nuevo York y es la bomba.

Kyle said...

Miguel McCoy was in LOVE with those pinches tacos when we were in LA. . . And I foolishly didn't believe him! I missed out!

Jadelily said...

I miss the headband action!

mrs. cly said...

i love love the chloe bag too! if only mr. cly felt the same.

amber said...

Def. go back and get the purple maxi dress - it's purtty.


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