Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Scene
Last day in New York. Relieved everything went so smoothly for work. After tying up some final loose ends, head back to Pastis for a relaxing breakfast.

Spend most of the meal gawking at the Lily Van Der Woodsen behind my mom in the floral print.

Ugh. That blouse has been haunting me for weeks.

Love love love it.

Also love discovering this graffiti on the bathroom wall at Pastis. Yes, that reads "Olivia Palermo stole my nose."And yes, I almost fell off the pot laughing.

Took a stroll after breakfast - didn't spend a dime, just more window shopping. WHO ARE WE???

And finally fondled some Alexis Bittar in person. Love.

Saw that Rupert Everett standing in the middle of the street by the Marc store. Made big eyes at me like we were best friends.

That's his enormous noggin behind the couple.

Midday, we headed uptown on the subway for a very important date. But first we strolled around Central Park.

Until it began to drizzle. And our hair started curling. And we got pissed. Like cats. F.

Met Peach at a fancy schmancy upper east side restaurant. He found out about a three course lunch menu for just $24 - dine LA style. Plus, the DELICIOUS accompanying bottle of wine was only another $24.

Duck terrine to start.

Flank steak for my momma.

Gnocchi for me.

Squid for a Peach.

For dessert, a brownie

Carrot cake

And madelines

All absolutely divine. A+ meals all week - thanks in large part to Peach's piggie planning. Love. The only thing missing: Jean Bean. She got stuck at work at the last minute. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

She would have loved our leisurely stroll down Madison Avenue.

And paying homage to all things pink at Louboutin. I will buy my first pair this year, dammit!

I did seriously consider buying the one, the only YSL cage belt during this trip. It has been haunting my dreams for 6 months now. But at $495, I'll keep dreaming. Simply can't.

Besides, I have some leads on knock-offs at Will be missing the grand opening of the first stateside store in New York by just a week. F.

But I'll be back. Nothing could keep me away from all my fab NYC favorites. V. tough saying goodbye to my brother from another mother today. Tear.

The Outfit
J Brand jeans
Bloomingdale's cashmere sweater
Target long sleeve tee
Banana Republic coat

The Accessories
Henri Bendel headband
Fashion District scarf
BCBG boots
Chanel Bag
Target cashmere gloves

The Grade

The Commentary

Love traveling with my mom. Get double the wardrobe options.

Today I borrowed her brown coat and sweater. Loved them with the boots.

Felt extremely BLAH walking around Gossip Girl land this afternoon but think I looked tres fabulous for JFK. So there's that ;)

Tip: Big sunglasses

And a big scarf always help up the chic factor at the airport.

As does a new satin headband.

Cost a steep $38. But I love it.

Figured when in Bendel's, do like the Gossip Girls would.


Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

yay you had so much fun with your mommy in NYC! so weird I was doing the exact same tihng with my mommy just last week. And that Tucker blouse!! It's the one I scored at the Tucker sample sale last week. Definitely worth it. Tucker blouses inssaaaanely haunt me. I need every single one. Great minds, once again!

tam pham said...

so much fun! i love daniel boulud and so jealous that you ate at one of his places!

weezermonkey said...

Ahh! Boulud for $24! Jealous!

lookrichbitch said...

lol. i think i would kill my mother if i went on vacation with her. i love her to death but we are def not two peas in a pod!

what a great trip!

KT said...

NYC= The best evuh! I go with my girlfriends once a year but too my daughter last year. NYC is a fun mother/daughter trip. Glad you got to do it!

Lynn Tran said...

Love you in headbands. Glad that your NYC trip with mamacita went so well. Knew that it would. Did you guys ever make it to Chinatown? Thought for sure you guys would paint the town red there.

amber said...

Love the new headband.

Unbelievably jealous that you ate at Cafe Boulud!! Jim and I are both huge fans of his - like I'm afraid Jim would hump his leg if we ever saw him in the flesh. I'm only sort of joking.


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