Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Scene
Haircut. Gym. Packing. Work phone calls and emails. Ugh. So.much.stress.

Thank god for a romantic dinner at Marix's

Going to miss my pretty boy. Can't wait to celebrate his birthday next weekend.

Pick up Pinkberry for dessert and bring some over to my mom's. Help her pack. Our flight leaves at 7 am tomorrow.

Beyond nervous for this trip to NYC. For so many reasons.

But v. excited to share it with a little doll in Gucci shoes.

The Outfit
bebe suit jacket
Forever 21 bubble tank
American Apparel leggings

The Accessories
Target necklace
Chanel bag
Forever 21 bracelet
Stella McCartney shoes

The Grade

The Commentary

As promised, today I sassed up this new Forever tank for an evening look.

Decided leggings were the simple way to do it.

They have been everywhere lately and will continue to be well into the fall. PICK SOME UP NOW!

Dug out the liquid leggings instead of the generic cotton ones

Wish I had these leather cut out boots to wear over the cotton ones. I DIE!!!!! Think they are Margiela. Think I need knock-offs.

Also decided on the flashier pair of leggings because for the next week I am not going to be looking very fabulous. Remember the tradeshow uniform I have to wear? Wah wah wah.

But tonight, tonight I tried to look fierce and fashionable. The outfit was probably a little bit too much for a casual night out. But I felt fabulous.

Also dug out this old blazer. It was part of the first suit I bought back in 1999. Bebe. Funny to think how expensive and fancy I thought it was when I was 21. How that brand has evolved over the past decade. Hardly ever wear the suit because the length of the jacket is so long. Feel too Elton John in it.

But since boyfriend blazers are back I decided to give it a whirl.

Think it worked fine. Now I can't wait to pair it with dresses and strappy heels. Maybe even with shorts and flat sandals.

Want to start rocking more relaxed/menswear/tennis shoe chic looks. Such casual elegance is hard for me to master but want to try. This New York trip would have been the perfect time to experiment but packed in a nervous blur. Hopefully I don't have to end up wearing my tradeshow getup out IN THE FASHION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.


WeezerMonkey said...

The bangs are so hot, m'dear.

I can't do leggings. My stumps look fatty drumsticks.

WendyB said...

I don't think it's a "bit much" at all. I think it's just right.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I love the caz menswear look. I think it would look FAB on you.

Jean Bean said...

I too was dying over that pretty Asian girl in the black Marni.

Amanda Franchard. said...

Love your outfit!

lookrichbitch said...

girrrrrl... i used to WORK at bebe! the things i wore between 21 and 23. oh lord. hankerchief backless tops.. leather pants.. the horrifying list goes on.

interestingly enough, i sold most of that crap on ebay a few years ago and got quite a few buyers!

lookrichbitch said...

me again... i looked at your photo more closely. i have that jacket too. in black and in gray. i think i'll go dig it out! i don't think they'll fit. poop.

amber said...

The salesgirl at lululemon was trying to get me into leggings for the gym and I still blanched. I'm trying, but so far, I just can't do it. F! You, on the other hand, look adorable in them.


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