Friday, March 20, 2009

The Scene
Tonight Peach made his pitch perfect return to the Southern California stage. But this time the Hollywood venue wasn't The Pantages, it was the Cinegrill at the Roosevelt Hotel. And tonight there was no phantom, no opera, no tuxedos. No, tonight there were has-beens, 80s pop and sequins.

A Touch of Vegas is a cabaret based on characters Peach and his insanely talented friend created nearly 10 years ago. Over the course of the last decade (gawd, we are old!) the show has played off Broadway and in L.A. And it is an irreverent laugh riot.

The show holds no punches. It pokes fun at everyone from Pia Zadora to Focus on the Family to Obama - yes, OBAMA - while belting out a range of crowd-pleasers like "Hot, Hot, Hot,” “We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off,” “Man in the Mirror,” “Rains Down in Africa,” and even the theme from “Growing Pains.”

If that sounds like a mess, it is. A brilliantly scripted mess. A mess of impeccable comedic timing. A mess with INSANE musical chops. It is a show that has something for everyone.

It can make Mr. Diabolina giggle like a schoolgirl

Peaches' mom dance in the aisles

Sable Crow cackle in gleeful shock

Miss MBA and Miss Madewell cheer in wide eyed approval. And those are some tough critics.

Tonight I stood in awe ONCE AGAIN of my dear Peach and the enormity and nuances of his talent. Anyone can be pretty or smart or a fantastic singer or a great comic but Peaches is all of that. And more. Good lord what a gift it is to witness him sharing his gifts. LOVE LOVE LOVE, MORE MORE MORE!

The Outfit
No name one shouldered ruffle dress
Forever 21 sequin jacket

The Accessories
Chanel purse
DKNY tights
YSL Tribute Platforms
Fashion District ring

The Grade
(although a picture at IHOP is an A+++)

The Commentary

Background on tonight's show: Trent and Trudy Lee are washed up lounge singers who met at a Starlight Express audition and have been in a “15-year, non-consummated, monogamous, Christian-based" relationship while performing at the magical San Remo hotel and befriending Sin City legends like Sinbad and Ricardo Montalban.

Oh and they love sequins. Not just a touch but a ton. They wear them as a badge of honor. A mark that they are part of the glamourous show biz life.

So tonight I knew I had to rock sequins as an ode to two old friends. Ideally I would have worn YSL sequins with YSL cage shoes but as I am not part of the glitterati myself, I settled for Forever 21 sequins with YSL tribute platforms.

The minute Peach walked on stage he was wearing a near identical black sequin jacket (I wriggled out of mine immediately!) It was a thrift store find from over a decade ago. He recently noticed it is by none other than Stephen Sprouse. Ugh I die. Not only a talented performer that Peach but a good resale shopper. He is my brother from another mother.

Randomly decided to wear the starkly contrasting white dress tonight

Probably because I've been seeing so many one shouldered
white dresses lately

The asymmetrical shoulder situation is here to stay for yet another season - through fall 2009 - so invest now.

Admittedly the ruffly asymmetrical can be difficult to pull off. Just ask Margharita Missoni. Felt a bit marshmellowy throughout the night myself.

But I adore the flowery print of this dress

And the color palette.

Especially loved it with the shoes - always a show stopper/stripper in them.

Love how they make me tower over everyone. If I can't be the thinnest, I'll be the tallest, dammit!

My fave look of the night goes to Little Miss MBA's tootsies. Amazing Maison Margiela look alikes. PURRRRFECTION with her Goyard.

Mr. D - who ADORES Little Miss MBA - was quite confused by them. But was quick to point out to her that that is typically a good thing. Mr. D confused=fashion forward.

For example, my new ring? Everyone looooved it tonight. But Mr. Diabolina? Meh. He doesn't understand all the fuss.

Interpretation? It is the best thing I ever bought ever ;)


WendyB said...

I didn't know that anyone still KNEW who Pia Zadora was/is. Where is she, anyway?

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Yay! You bought the YSL tributes! Aren't they fabulous?!

Ivy said...

Love love love the shoes! They are absolutely sexy and fabulous.

Emily said...

Mr D's comment makes me think of what my boyfriend said this weekend when I showed him my new shoes - Zara copies of the YSL snakeskin booties in black. I took one look at his face and said "you don't like them" to which he responded "well but I don't know anything about shoes, I'm sure they're really great!" Bless our men.

Zara also had copies of those same Margielas, but I couldn't quite figure out how I would wear them to the new corporate office, and office shoes were my mission that day. Still debating them for playtime, but I haven't quite decided if I can pull them off. And my YSL tribute knockoffs are still not quite as fabulous as your real ones!

The Queen of Hearts said...

YSL Tribs are the BEST. I can't believe the price you paid for them -- I am so freaking jealous. I paid full price and ate rice noodles for a week.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...


Sable Crow said...

Yay! Dying to hear about NYC. Have been squawking about Peach's show since Friday. He needs to come back and do it again; I could get a GRIP of people to come.


Love the shoes, natch. Want my purple Tod's but going to Palm Springs Easter Weekend instead. F. Having to choose between luxuries is LAME.

Sable Crow said...

And let us not forget the GENIUS that is singing Cher's "Half Breed" as a tribute to Obama.

Brilliant. I would love for you to talk about comedy and timing; your thoughts that night were right on point.

I emailed Peach on Monday and told him I had given him a new motto, one that works well for your fashion-forward readership (from Emily's Zara boots to your giant ring): Never Too Soon

Victoria said...

that show sounds hilarious!!!

lookrichbitch said...

i am lusting over your dress... i'm not so good at pulling off the one shoulder thing. call me a libra. I like balance, but it looks so gosh darn good on you i may have to rethink. and that ring? i die! i want!

amber said...

Bummed to have missed the show. I was hanging out with my bff and her sister at a book event - standing room only! Glad to hear it was such a success. :)


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