Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Scene
With one person under the weather and another injured, our group decides to forgo the slopes today. I am kinda bummed, kinda relieved. My entire body is beginning to ache and my only accomplishment yesterday was staying upright. Can't imagine how sore I'd be if I'd actually shushed around.

So today we drive around the lake

To the Nevada/Cali border

For some drinkin

And gambling.

While the boys spend most of the day at the Blackjack tables

I stick to my beloved Haywire slot machine. Peaches taught me about these slots on his 21st birthday in Vegas. Always hunt them down in casinos.

They without fail pay. But they won't make you a rich girl, they'll just help the time pass. Today I spent a good two hours on my Haywire with just $20. Doubled my money. Then lost it all. F. No wonder I prefer shopping.

Mr. Diabolina fared better at the tables. Craps is his game, Arctic Fox is his name.

In the evening, we ordered pizza and Mr. D headed up the smores making. Adore.

Then we all settled in

For a little drinking game

It involved watching Top Gun

And taking a drink every time there are gay overtones.

Instant drunk.

(Did you watch 30 Rock last week? Remember when Tina told a guy from high school that he was gayer than the volleyball scene in Top Gun? Ahmazing.)

The Outfit
Madewell jeans
Bloomingdale's cashmere turtleneck
Ralph Lauren Polo puffer

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs bag
Ugg boots

The Grade
C for Caca Casual

The Commentary

All week, I had visions of hitting Lake Tahoe in sassy cold weather outfits.

Chic layers with luxe accessories...

Instead I succumbed to busted frumps. FFFFFFFF!

Ended up a cross between Jessica and Jennifer.

Except without the perfect hair and perfect body that makes anything you wear look good. Sigh.

Think little Emma Roberts (WWW's Girl of the Month) could have been a good fashion role model. Love this casual Sundance look with the feminine scarf, neutral bag, fancy puffer, dark skinny jeans and flat boots.

Me thinks the only thing that could have saved today's outfit was a hat. With ears. I was a woman obsessed today trying to find just the right hat with ears.

This is the closest I got. Except there was too much monkey face. I just want animal ears dammit.

Though I almost succumbed to this panda hat. Sooooo Chanel.


tam pham said...

i want that panda hat soooooooooooooooo bad.

weezermonkey said...

You need the panda hat.

BTW, just had the most incredible meal at The Bazaar. Make sure Peaches goes there before he leaves town. Best to go with a party of three (or multiple of three) because most portions come with three bites. :)

WendyB said...

A hat with ears improves anything.

Erin Palmer said...

Is Jessica wearing a Burberry hat? I need that.

amber said...

me likes the busted outfit today. i think it's cute for the cold and snow. :)

Sable Crow said...

Love Top Gun drinking games. Really, I love all things Top Gun. Love shirtless volleyball. Love Ice Man. Love to Goose. Love Playin' With The Boys.

Love Highway to the Danger Zone.

SC is back.


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