Monday, February 2, 2009

The Scene
All kinds of boo-hoo today. It's just that the week has become a never-ending loop. A super not sweet version of Groundhog Day. Feels like my life is happening somewhere else. Without me.

Feels particularly tough as I sit front row center and watch one of my dearest friends living out his dreams, surrounded by talented mentors, applauded (literally) for doing what comes most naturally.

Today I couldn't stop watching this video Peach sent me of him performing last Friday. So beautiful. Every time I watched it today my eyes welled up with tears. Tears of pride.

And, I guess, tears of hope. Hope that one day soon I'll find the stage to play out my gifts.

The Outfit
Image wrap sweater
Kaytone Adeli pants
Forever 21 top

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace and bangles
Marc Jacobs earrings
Jefferey Campbell sandals
YSL purse

The Grade
B for Blah Basics
A for Awesome Accessories
F is for Fake Smile

The Commentary
Today's outfit matches my blah mood. Grabbed simple basics. Threw them together without any particular genius. Just a good ole boring work outfit.

But if you look closely you'll see how the accessories make the look Spring 2009. Without spending lots of money, you can feel "of the moment" but still office appropriate. Just takes a little attention to detail.

Trend #1: Snakeskin.

Like leopard print, snakeskin is a fashionista staple.

A classic that works amazingly well as a neutral.

But with just the right hint of attitude and sex appeal.

Adore all the exotic skin shoes at Prada and Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo and Louboutin this season. But all are well over a $1000. Even these GZ's are $600ish. My Jeffery Campbell's cost under $100. Resale, baby!!!

Trend #2: Statement necklace

All over the runway this season.

Some graphic.

Others tribal.

Many others bejewled

Most are pretty easy to recreate on a recessionista budget with a trip to your local fabric/bead store.

Just think about how you can add contrasting textures and colors in complimentary, striking ways.

If you feel like easing into the trend think of your clothes as a blank palette and let the necklace take center stage.

If you are feeling bolder, don't be afraid to mix patterns and palettes.

Trend #3: Stacked Bangles.


And stacks of bangles

Earth tone bangles

And wooden bangles

Futuristic bangles

And carved bangles

Try mixing contrasting shapes and colors. Think thematically not matchy matchy.

Oh and try them with a gorgeous purse. Always helps :)

Behold the bold jewelry I am currently coveting. From $5 to $5000. Something for every budget.

Spring 2009 Jewelry


weezermonkey said...

I don't even know what my dreams are any more.

How sad is that?

tam pham said...

i second what weemo said. there was a time last year that i thought i want to go to culinary school. fiance even offered to pay for it, and i STILL couldn't make the jump. too scared of change.

WendyB said...

Not to be a drag but...Don't you worry about the people at work reading this?

Anonymous said...

I am a regular reader and enjoy your blog tremendously. So what I'm about to say may sound mean-spirited, but it comes from genuine concern - in these economic times, is it prudent to repeatedly mention your dissatisfaction with work on a public forum that includes your picture?

Da Fashionista said...

sorry weemo and tam - geniunely and truly. kiss you.

and thanks for the concern, wendy and anon. your advice is duly noted. a good friend just got laid off today so i'm probably being reckless thinking the truth is more important than security right now. Maybe I am trying to force a situation. Maybe it feels good to release it here since I really try not to bother my mom and RL friends with the "i feel lost" conversation. it's gotten boring for everyone over the past 7 years. but no less painful for me.

Victoria said...

i know it's hard to not do what you love, but i did pursue what i love and the industry is still suffering greatly. things are so tough for everyone so it's great you have this forum to get it off your chest.

Anonymous said...

i've always wondered how you get away with complaining about your job so much.. i think perhaps you are hoping to get laid off so that you'll be forced to pursue things you really love (like this blog and fashion).. .just know that the styling world is no picnic either. good luck!

Da Fashionista said...

kiss, v.

Always so interesting what posts make those anonymous commenters come out of the woodwork.

no need to worry, Anon. I am a smart woman. I have zero delusions about styling and the fashion world. My father was in the industry, remember? Two of my dearest friends have lived it for the last decade. Thankfully fashion is only one of half a dozen things I want to pursue.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Hun you are going to realise your dreams. Don't worry about comments here, you worry about making your dreams come true. It's your blog and you write whatever you want. Your true fans support you.

amber said...

:( sorry you're feeling so blah.

on an up note, i really like the outfit. i think i'll be happy if you can coax some Bs or B+s out of my closet. ;)


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