Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Scene

I needed fried chicken in my belly tonight like I needed a hole in the head.

But when Jenny H., the wife of a former coworker, was game to try Honey Kettle's Fried Chicken for our first friend date how could I resist?? I mean, WeeMo said the food was so good, it would make me cry!!!

In a delusional effort to balance out the naughtiness, I fasted most of the day. Was ready to keel over by 6. Pretty sure I showed up at the restaurant drooling. F. Not a pretty sight.

Between the dipping sauces and biscuits and bottled cokes and
lightly fried chicken, I was in hog heaven. Add to that a heartfelt
conversation with a woman who is also a) Latina b) an only child c) a rabid Trojan and d) an overacheiver - well, the night couldn't have been better.

And to think it all went down in Culver City! When I was little, a friend who lived there used to call it Culver Shitty.

The Outfit
Banana Republic coat
Old Navy sweater
Express pants

The Accessories

Canal Street earrings
Marc Jacobs bag and shoes
Forever 21 banges and necklace

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around the necklace today. AH-gain.

Cannot get enough of accessories right now. Bold scarves, earrings, belts, necklaces

And the bangles. Instant, low cost ways to freshen up your wardrobe choices this spring.

Loving all the shades of cremes today. Felt like a vanilla ice cream cone.

A tasty confection like Kim K at the Grammy's on Sunday.

Created a more wearable, working girl version of this recent Gwyneth outfit.

Though her feathered round toes

Definitely beat out my tweed-y ones.

Totally loving that Jenny H had on a fab tweedy coat on too. Looked like a cross between Missoni and Chanel. Was surprised to hear it was Express.

Speaking of cheap chic, I popped in to Target before dinner. Hadn't been in ages. Saw this Thakoon coat on sale for $22. Have loved the flowery print since it came out. But decided to pass on it once I tried it on. The stiff thick material was not doing it for me. Maybe it would have hung better if it was a smaller size.

Actually liked the look and cut of these Merona trenches much more. Just $30ish. Great L.A. jacket with a classic print.

Almost got this Thakoon striped shirt also on sale. Stripes are everywhere lately and figured at under $10 it was a steal. But didn't love it as much as the dress that came in this print so I passed. I refuse to buy anything lately that I don't looooove.

Got a chance to peep the new designer jewelry at Tarjay too. Meh. The charm bracelet isn't bad but I see no need to hang a lobster from my neck. Now a lobster bib is different altogether...


Tabitha said...

YUM! I love Honey Kettle and their biscuits are the BEST!

Jenny Hansen said...

I am scary in these pix - I <3 you...can't wait until the next pig out!

Style Maven said...

totally saw that lobster scarf at target yesterday too. i was like what the eff? not sure when would be an appropriate occassion for that other than being a 70 year old woman in cape cod on a boat? maybe?

weezermonkey said...

I hope you didn't cry because of the chicken during your first friend date! ;)

But isn't the chicken marvelous? And the biscuits, too? I want some Honey's Kettle right now!

Tiffany said...

I like this outfit. very classy. the cream tones work so well with your skin.

WendyB said...

I haven't had fried chicken in years. I'm jealous!!!

amy said...

i read too quickly and saw "jenny h." and "wife" and well, can you imagine what i thought?

Anonymous said...

Don't hate on Culver City! Have you ever been to the Museum of Jurassic Technology?

But then again, I shouldn't talk about "hatin" because you should hear what we say about the Westside. ;)

amber said...

i need a neutral dreamy outfit like that. seriously. it's gorgeous.

i like the print of that raincoat much more online that in person. and the fabric was way too stiff. i was pretty bummed b/c i had been all set to snatch it up the weekend it hit the stores.


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