Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Scene
Braved the stormy skies and headed downtown this evening. For yet another dine L.A. adventure. Must.stop.pigging.
This dinner was at the Water Grill. And the guru of gastromic gorging WeeMo coordinated. Guaranteed yum.

Originally tonight was just going to be a blogger girls night out. Was very excited to spend time with Confessions of the Pink Obsessed aka Amber. We only got to exchange brief hellos at WeeMo's karaokefest back in October.

And last week, she became my second client! EEEEEE! We've booked an appointment to do a "wardrobe consultation." Here's how it works: I go to her house, assess her wardrobe, come up with new outfit combinations (the whole shopping your own closet thing) and then provide a look book of key pieces that she could use to fill in the wardrobe gaps - a sort of personalized shopping guide for the year. Amazing possibilities...

The evening ended up being even more lovely than I imagined. At the last minute, I ended up inviting my mister and so did Amber. Both lawyers, both sweethearts, both bemused by bloggers. Adore.

Alas, both boys, like most boys, are socially - shall we say - slow. It took them TWO hours to realize that not only had they gone to the same small, all-boys prep school, they had even sat next to each other in a high school math class!!! Here is my mind being blown by this fact. Girls would have figured this all out months ago. F.

They are lucky they are both cute.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Trench I got in Austria
The Accessories
Forever 21 headband and bracelet
Dior belt
American Apparel tights
Chanel bag
Fashion District necklace
BCBG boots

The Grade

The Commentary
Have been trying to not overthink my outfits when I see clients/potential clients. Don't want to try to be anyone other than myself. After all, people are hiring me for me, for my style. And I figure even uber successful stylists aren't on point 24/7 - exhibit A: Rachel Zoe on a normal day at right. Kinda b to the usted.

Decided to just build the outfit around the statement necklace. Bought it last year but somehow managed to never wear it. Lame.

Love that it cost $10 and looks straight off the spring runway. One part tribal, one part geometric, all parts bold.

Particularly loving that shockingly cobalt color lately.

So stunning with a bit of a tan and jet black hair.

Wore the tights and boots in an effort to stay warm. And look as fabulous as this in her symphony of clashing yet coordinated colors. Ugh. I die.
The Dior belt I chose to cinch up the cheapie Forever 21 dress and the trench to match the belt. Then came the headband and the purse and the bangle and finally the earrings.

The whole look ended up a bit more matchy matchy snooze fest than I'd imagined in my mind's eye. But at least I tried. On a Wednesday no less :)
And at least the necklace was very Nicole Richie, former Zoe-bot herself.


WendyB said...

I'm starting to want you to get me all dolled up.

Tabitha said...

Cute outfit lady. I really like the color of those boots!

weezermonkey said...

Love Mr. D with the adult bib. Good times!


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