Monday, February 9, 2009

The Scene
Bad start to the week. Really helped to talk to Little Miss MBA, Mr. Architect and Rocket Man tonight. Love them. Lucky to have friends who have my back.

Practically all of my friends are telling me to use what's going on at The Office as the kick in the pants to do my own thing full time. We'll see. Don't want this economy to doom my first entrepreneurial endeavor. Have to be strategic in my fearlessness. Plus it's never wise to put all your eggs in one basket.

Needed a Gossip Girl fix tonight like Whitney needs crack but alas it was a rerun. Had to make due with The City.

That Olivia is a piece of work, huh? Whitney needs to grow a pair and tell that Botoxed social and her fugs cousin OFF.

Reason one million and one to love Mr. D: Tonight he watched the bitchy showdown that ended the show with rapt attention and a big shit-eating grin. As the credits rolled, he sighed, "I WISH I worked with girls that hot who fight on each other."

I heart him.

The Outfit
Forever 21 turtleneck and jeans
Theory velvet jacket

The Accessories
Marc by MJ headband
Forever 21 bangle
Chanel bag
Nine West flats
Burberry handkerchief
Faux Van Cleef & Arpels earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
All black today. To mourn the untimely passing of a fabulous weekend.

Added the comfortable cap toe flats for a bit of color. Loving the similar candy colored Bloch flats on net-a-porter. $165.

Not quite as good as $30 for my Nine West ones but infinitely better than what you'd pay for a pair of Lanvin flats. Or this dreamy Chanel sandal. I NEED!

Today's Burberry accessory was inspired by royalty. Last night's jaunty-scarf-wearing queens.

Hardly ever wear this Burberry handkerchief. It's so square that it can only be worn as a kind of ascot. Or do rag.

Bought it in Japan when I was there for work about four years ago. Absolutely loved it. If my mom and Mr. D were down, I'd move there in a heartbeat.

Thinking I could help write better English translations on signs.

Or work on the Hello Kitty airline that I flew. Ugh. So adorable. So Asian. SO ME!!!

A trip there would be worth it just to thank my friend Hikari who helped me get my hair Japanese straightened. Just $100. Lasted for a year. Changed my life.

The next time I go I'll do more shopping. Maybe get a few more $20 designer handkercheifs. Japanese department stores have entire handkercheif sections like we do for hosiery or sunglasses. The handkerchief is a part of the uniform there. Supposedly no one leaves home without one because public restrooms don't provide hand towels or dryers. But I don't think I noticed that.

I did notice that people had amazing style. And skin. And hair.
Also noticed that I was taller than most people. And that my shoe size was nearly impossible to find.

So when I go back I'll have to bring flats.

Adorable, vaguely anime, Marc flats.


weezermonkey said...

I love EVA!

I need those MJ flats. I *still* want the little mouse ones, too.

How sad am I that Grandma stayed in Taiwan for Chinese New Year this year?!

WendyB said...

Sorry about the job...You're right to be a little leery here: "Practically all of my friends are telling me to use this as the kick in the pants to do my own thing full time. We'll see. Don't want this economy to doom my first entrepreneurial endeavor." It's easy to to say things and start things, but let me tell you, it's no bed of roses :-(

tam pham said...

when we were there, everyone had those blot their sweaty faces! we started calling them "sweat rags".

alsoto_mulhall said...

I live in Japan. Difinitely interesting. Everything is "kawai" or cute. Haven't had much luck at the Japanese department stores. My latin tuchus just laughs! your blog!

Victoria said...

those shoes are beyond adorable.

Jadelily said...

Olivia is rude and needs to get some class. I think she's frustrated that Whitney has no interest in becoming her minion.


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