Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Scene
Last Sunday of the holiday season. Bah humbug.

Two fashion moments stave off the Monday monsters.

#1: Wake up to discover Mr. D and I went to bed wearing the exact same thing: grey sweats and Rose Bowl 2008 white tops. Great Trojan minds...

#2 Hunting and hunting finally yields this wonderful Marc by Marc Jacobs piece for my mom. Just $100 at Barney's Coop. She told me at the beginning of the day she needed a new sweater preferably Kelly green. Gawd I am good.

I've been thinking I should chuck it all and become a personal shopper. This little mama would be my best customer.

The Outfit
Forever 21 sweater
Karen Millen leather skirt
Banana Republic tank top

The Accessories
Thomas Wylde? Skull scarf
Nine West heels
Forever 21 bangles
Stella McCartney bag
Marc by March Jacobs earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Decided to step it up today. Way up. If 2009 is going to be my most fabulous year yet then I have to dress the part. Started with these little resale Nine West shoes. Remember how they are soooo Marni?

Well just when I was worried they might be a bit dated, I saw a strappy gray and black suede sandal at Nordstrom today. L.A.M.B. Over $200. Mine were less than $20.

Decided to work with the gray and brown. Grabbed my go-to gray Forever sweater and dug out this brown leather skirt. It's a hand me down from a British friend of my mom's. She turned me onto Karen Millen. A little pricey but the store at the Beverly Center has great sales. Check out her especially gorg party dresses around the holidays. Very Dior.

I love love love the detailing at the waist of the skirt. Looks like a built in belt. And very flattering for a thick waist. The only downside to this skirt? It is tight tight tightness. But I guess that only adds to the fierce fierce fierceness of it.

Also love the brown color. Nothing like leather in buttery colors. So luxe.

Black leather can feel so dominatrix. Too hard and severe.

Brown leather feels softer to me. More romantic. Tres Euro.

To feed the whole fab Euro vibe I added a big bouchy skull scarf today. Got it in a gift bag at a Fred Segal party that Little Miss MBA took me to 3 years ago.

To this day not sure that it's actually Thomas Wylde - one of the hosts of the party - or if they gave us fakes!! I mean in their hey day skull scarves were going for over $200. And everyone at the party got one. That's just not smart business sense, right? But I guess neither is handing out fakes of your design...

I was super surprised at all the comments I got on the scarf today. It is cool and all but tres passe by trendy trendster standards. Lots of people looked at it like they'd never seen the print before.

I guess that's why Alexander McQueen is selling his version of the skull scarf right this very second at Nordie's. A cool $345.



weezermonkey said...

I think skulls always turn heads.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

That skirt is amazing and looks great on you. Love a good leather skirt - that's my next big purchase.

tam pham said...

this is one of my fave outfits of yours!!!! did that sentence even make sense? anyways, you looked tres hot! meow.

The Modern Type said...

Seriously, let me know if you become a personal shopper/stylist. I have my own engagement shoot coming up and I need options! :)

Da Fashionista said...

Eeks, TMT! I'm seriously thinking of starting a little venture this year. ;)

Emailing you...

Anonymous said...

To use your phrase...I die!!!

A fabulous outfit :)

Milly said...

love it!!...the skull scarf is perfect with this outfit.
personal stylist?? wow..i'm gonna have to move to L.A. :)

WendyB said...

I can't believe your mom was like "green sweater, please" and you wrinkled your nose like on Bewitched and made it appear. I have to think of what I want you to find for me now.

Couture Carrie said...

Love your leather skirt and Marni-esque shoes - great find!


P.S. You and Mr. D. are too adorable!

Sable Crow said...

I fully support your business venture!! You would make an excellent stylist and I'm sure your rates would be BEYOND resonable--nay, a downright steal.

I myself have become the fashion demigod I am by watching you.

Leather skirt. Delicious.

I want a pair of fine black leather pants; more Dior than Harley. Keep your peepers open. Thin, tailored leather, not biker leather.

lookrichbitch said...

do they have any more kelly green sweaters?? i've been drooling over it for months but couldn't bring myself to buy it. :)

amber said...

stylist! that would be a perfect job for you!!


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