Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Scene
First Three Muskateer brunch of 2009. Adore!

Followed by a final round of Christmas gift shopping. My mom (in her Stella McCartney sweater) scores a DVD player as well as Elvis and Audrey Hepburn classics.

Mr. Diabolina (in his Lacoste sweater) gets an office supply shopping spree. Ugh. Can you beeeeeelieve these are the things he asks for???

Before Mr. D can groan "No more shopping," my mom sweet talks him into heading to Barney's. She's been dying to get him a new jacket since he LOST a beautiful Theory one. Ugh. Don't even get me started on that story.

Miraculously he agrees. Unfortunately, none of the jackets we pick out for him at Barney's or Saks fit. And the ones he picks out...well...they are just unfortunate.

My mom and I leave our beloved Beverly Hills department stores with an unfamiliar feeling: depression. But I guess, there's a glimmer of hope. After all, he picked out these jeans all by his bad self a few weeks ago. Maybe he'll surprise us with a similar successful jacket spree. The Diabolina girls can dream...

End the afternoon with Mr. D setting up my mom's DVD player and the three of us dining on tamales with Breakfast at Tiffany's in the background. Could we BE any cuter?

Mr. Diabolina and I then head out to catch Revolutionary Road. Ugh. Now, I, of all people, can intimately relate to questioning the status quo. I wrote the book on resisting marriage, 2.1 kids, a house in the suburbs and a job you can't stand. I am well acquainted with that fear of not taking a chance, the chance that could lead to real fulfillment. I actually live in fear of not quite realizing my potential.

And yet, this movie was just meh for me. Too Madame Bovary meets Little Children for my taste. And some of those initial scenes? Painful. Like bad dinner theater: self conscious and fake. Probably had something to do with Kate being directed by her husband in a tale of intense marital woe. Talk about AWK-ward. And that Leo was miscast and too cartoony.

But what do I know. I just took a film criticism class. From Kenny Turan. And got an A ;)

The Outfit
Phillip Lim dress
BCBG Max Azaria jacket

The Accessories
Forever 21 scarf
Chanel purse
American Apparel tights
Stuart Weitzman booties
Marc by Marc Jacobs zipper earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Wasn't feeling very sassy today despite the beautiful sunshine. The rising anxiety about having to go back to work on Monday had something to with it.

Knew I wanted to wear my leather jacket for my mom.

But knew I didn't want to wear it with jeans.

So instead I started with the LBD

Layered on the jacket

Added purple tights

Followed by the booties

And the wayfarers

With the Chanel bag

And topped things off with a leopard scarf.

Not bad.

But not spectacular. Like Revolutionary Road.

Maybe the key to a flimsy dress with a leather jacket is bare legs?

And having twentysomething model genes. Sigh.

Or being a twentysomething socialite.

That Olivia Palermo sure loves her leatha too.

Me thinks she is the next big MTV thing. Lo crossed with Heidi. What a combo, right? I'd advise her to forgo coming out with her own fashion line (soooo 2008!) Instead, she should launch her own line of hair care products.

My Rapunzel of a momma doesn't need them but I sure do.


WeezerMonkey said...

Revolutionary Road was tres depressing, but I thought Kate was fab in it. Oscar fab!

What is Mr. D doing with a stapler? I know he can get them at work!

WeezerMonkey said...

Oh, and I think Miss Palermo is Blair Waldorf but with zero charm and zero smarts. Ugh. So annoying.

mindy said...

That jacket is to DIE for! I can't believe the jeans Mr D found have to be rolled up! He has legs for days!

jazmin said...

OMG! Your mamacita's hair is soo beautiful.. oh and you too!

WendyB said...

Actually, I would enjoy an office supply shopping spree too!

Victoria said...

i would kill for that hair!

Jean Bean said...

Just you watch me. One day I will slip Mamacita in my pocket and walk out the door!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I liked your overall look. And too bad about Revolutionary Road. It's coming out in Aussie land this week and I was going to see it. Well it will have to be Benjamin Buttons instead. And gosh your mom is fab

Juana said...

Jean Bean,
May I share her once in a while once she emerges from your pocket?

amber said...

i <3 shopping spree days.

Fendi said...

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