Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Scene
In 31 years, I've never watched more than a 10 second clip of a presidential inauguration. Why would I? Every president who has taken office during my lifetime has felt pretty removed from my reality. As a first generation American, I am about as removed as you can get from the world of D.C. politics as usual.

All these presidents have been older, whiter men to whom frankly I felt no connection. They were little more than figureheads, men I couldn't really relate to, politicians I didn't particularly trust. The inauguration of a new President has never actually affected MY life. Until today. Today a new day dawned - on so many levels.

A lovely young family took the next step in their journey before the eyes of the world.

Today a beautiful, graceful black man became my president!!! And a poised, brilliant black woman, my First Lady!!! I feared Dr. King would have to wait a long time to see this part of his dream realized. Have never been more happy to be wrong.

Today youth, intelligence and elegance returned to the White House. AT LAST ;)

Today I changed. I realized my entire adult life has been defined by feeling ashamed of my country's president. And that shame had lead to apathy and cynicism.

But today I saw new possibilities. I felt child-like and giddy. I felt hope. I felt part of something bigger than myself. I felt proud to be an American.

Only one thing on earth could have made this day even better: Peaches!!! YAYAYYAY!

Took him to his namesake restaurant for dinner: Animal. He loooooooooved the food. Phew. This piggie is one tough critic.

Not much to worry about at Animal though. After all, their signature chocolate crunch dessert is flavored with BACON.

After dinner we walked down the street to check out Peaches' new digs - tres chic.

And his new Varvatos leather jacket - delish.

And shot the inauguration shit with Mr. Prettier Than Me - adore.

One of the most magical inspiring memorable days of my life.

The Outfit
Fashion District jacket
Aaahs tshirt
Robert Rodriguez pants

The Accessories
Forever 21 red leopard bangles
Chanel bag
Marc Jacobs zipper earrings
Narcisco Rodriguez heels

The Grade
O for Obamarama

The Commentary

Got myself a t-shirt to match my mom's yesterday. Felt linked to her all day long - fashion twinsie style.

Added these shoes to the all black outfit because A) they are Narcisco who designed Michelle's election night dress and B) red felt patriotic today - duh!

Jill Biden was feeling red all day too. Looked stunning in her Reem Acra goddess evening gown. A+

And in her red sassy coat paird with cool black boots during the day. On the other hand, with the weight of the fashion world on her shoulders, Michelle took a less traditional, safe direction. She definitely stood out in her lemongrass Isabel Toledo ensemble and green Jimmy Choos.

Truth be told: Not my favorite look on her. I feel terrible but I have to give the new First Lady a C+. Sure, it was understated and elegant but it was also matronly and at times, looked ill fitting on her figure.

Plus the color is a tough one for most women to pull off. Many called the color hopeful. Which I guess it is. But I had dreamed of seeing her in a bolder color. This one on Beyonce is in the same family but would have looked so much more flattering.

A saturated gorgeous one the color of Malia's JCrew coat would've also been ADORE.

I heart Michelle in purple.

Would have also LOOOOOVED this stunning camel colored Narcisco Rodriguez that she wore a few days ago. Beyond chic. So modern and striking.

The whole look - pastel color, cardigan, quarter length morning coats - seemed very referrential. Possibly to the Kennedy era. Didn't feel like the outfit a Harvard educated woman would wear in 2008. Felt more about projecting an image then communicating who she is. Hopefully Mrs. O will get a better balance between the two in the future. (Listen to NYTimes' Cathy Horn comment on Michelle's oufit - she makes some excellent nuanced observations.)

Nevertheless, I was very excited about serveral aspects of the daytime fashion choices. First of all, I totally appreciate that Michelle sacrificed comfort for style and hoofed around all day in heels instead of flats. Jimmy Choo heels at that. Also love that she donned a bold statement necklace. And that the texture of the ensemble was lace-like.Very Spring 2009 runway. Perfectly on trend without being trendy.

Mrs. Obama also gets an A+ for choosing a well respected if a bit avant garde designer who happens to be Cuban-American. Made my Latina fashionista heart pitter patter.

Especially because Isabel is married to my beloved Rueben Toledo, the fashion illustrator . Adoooooooore his Nordstrom ad campaigns.

Spent most of the afternoon in agony awaiting the evening's dress. And when I saw the Jason Wu dress I must admit I was disappointed...ahgain. Not a great fit on her figure. The waist felt off - should have hit a touch lower or higher. Had also been hoping for something sleek and modern. Instead we got flowing and romantic. Would have prefered something jewel toned and powerful instead of virginal and demure. But again she gets major props from me on her fashion know-how.

One shouldered - check!

Winter white: check!

Rosette detailing: Check!

Can't believe we have a First Lady who can wear an asymmetrical dress with the edginess of Rihanna.

The elegance of Ashley

And the sexiness of J LO.

Can't believe there's now a fashionista in the White House who chooses designs by the winner of the 2008 Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award, a 26 year-old born in Taipei who few in the mainstream know anything about.

Just wish that if she was set on wearing Wu and a romantic shape, she had chosen something a bit bolder.

At the very least a richer, more royal color.

Though I guess no matter what they wore, tonight, the Obamas WERE royalty ;)


Jenny Hansen said...

Agree with you on all points...while I loved that she chose one of us Cubanas :), the yellow just wasn't cutting it for me...she must have been freezing...

I loved the white gown, it was stunning. However, I felt it was too big on her and with all that dancing, she was tripping over it which annoyed me (and her I imagine).

Mrs. Biden looked fabulous in that red gown...wow!


Victoria said...

totally agree with you on both of michelle's outfits, but compared to hillary, laura and barbara bush i was thrilled! many more fashion moments to come in the next 8 years!

weezermonkey said...

I liked that Sasha and Malia wore J. Crew. I share the same fashion sense as little girls. ;)

Emily said...

I think Jill Biden rocked it. I haven't followed her fashion at all before this, but she looked fabulous on Tuesday. Unfortunately I thought Michelle's looks were too old during the day and too young at night. She usually gets it so right, it's a shame that on this particular day it wasn't quite working. Although honestly I didn't love how her Narcisco Rodriguez dress fit, so maybe she gets some kind of fashion block when it comes to the big events? Because for everything else she tends to be pretty flawless.

Sable Crow said...

Peaches and Animal and Obama! Oh my!

Love the post. How you get all those pictures I will never understand.


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Fabulous post, and I love the way you juxtapose terse comments and powerful images. I was so annoyed with the Today show when they kept saying that Isabel Toledo was "virtually unknown"--hah! I've known about her for years. Every time I go to Barneys, I LUST over her beautifully-wrought, but incredibly-expensive designs.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

My favourite post so far. You hit the nail righ on the head with everything.

Juana said...

I think I'm going to go home and watch "First Daughter" starring Katie Cruise.

Not so sure about bacon-flavored dessert...

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

Totally agree yesterday was a fabulous day! Jill Biden did rock it, she looked super fashion forward and sexy, but she can do that cause she's just the VP's wifey. I think Michelle did play it a little safe, but better to be safe than sorry! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved Jill Biden's looks all day - the boots and coat were awesome and the gown was sexy and classy.

As for Michelle, I give her looks an E for "ehhhh." I loved the yellow on her with the green accents (gloves from J. Crew? LOVED it!), but I thought the suit was too much - it was too "first lady" for her, if you know what I mean. I wish she would have gone with something more modern and less fussy. As for the gown, I thought it wore her and it reminded me of the chenille bedspread I had in the 7th grade. Plus the cut just wasn't right - she's 5'11" and athletic. Athletic girls just don't pull off dainty styles the way waif-y girls do!

Don't know if you saw CNN tonight, but they were talking about how some people are outraged that the collective mindset is more interested in her fashion, hair, and makeup than in her career and brain. I think they're doing that because they're comparing her to Jackie, who, let's face it, was a beloved fashion icon in an era of hope and idealism. Barack's administration, I think, will have similar overtones and comparisons are inevitable. What do you think?

Any thoughts yet on my black sateen jacket dilemma?

WendyB said...

I love that Mrs. O is willing to take fashion risks. I totally don't care if they work out or not.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to defend Mrs. O, from the perspective of someone who watched the ceremonies (via JumboTron) from the Washington Mall. As we all stood out there, amidst the dusty red dirt and dried out grass, shivering despite being bundled up in layer upon layer of dowdy black and gray, she looked like a vision, all glittery and radiant. When she stood together with adorable Sasha and Malia - the three of them in their citrus-y colors - I mean, it literally took my breath away! She and Jill had different roles to play on Tuesday, and I think she is still trying to prove that someone who looks like her can be a 'first lady.' Pres. O looked so "presidential" and regal that I almost fell over.

I also loved the ball gown: romantic, lovely, ethereal. Sooooo happy to see a tall athletic woman with her brains and class representing us!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Jill looked great but I'm not sure that she should have worn red twice in the same day. btw where did you get that reader grade thing from? It's cool, i want to use it on my site too hope you don't mind xx.

lookrichbitch said...

good or bad. i admire michelle for taking the risk!

and i've never been all that interested in the inaugurations... that is until this year. *sigh*

amber said...

call me crazy, but i loved that michelle wore winter white for the ball. it looked so pretty against her dark skin and a beautiful compliment to barack's tux.

i also LOVED the coats malia and sasha wore. makes me giddy to see them dressed as little girls instead of kids trying to impersonate 25 year olds. two thumbs up!


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