Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Scene
This morning my hair dryer started sparking! It was like Fourth of July in December. Could have caught my fro on fire - Michael Jackson style. F.

Then our home computer wouldn't start. Well except for a blue screen - the dreaded blue screen of DEATH. FFFFFFFFFF!

At work, well, everyone was insane. Or more insane than usual, I should say. Huge deadline tomorrow.

But despite all this I was calm today. Eeriely so. Determined to be positive for my mom. Left the office at 2 pm to accompany her to the MRI. For two hours, we joked and chatted and avoided discussing what would happen if the tumor is growing. No need to get ahead of ourselves, right?

Ultimatley, this proved to be right strategy. After the beautiful assistant doctor / Superman examined my mom (she was giddy!), the doctor came in grinning. I realized I'd been holding my breath and exhaled. He told us the tumor has not grown since August. My mom closed her eyes and smiled, relieved.

He cautioned that chances are high that at some point growth will be detected and the tumor will cause problems. But my mom confidently stated she is not interested in surgery now. She'd like to keep doing the conservative, watchful waiting approach. That means another MRI in 3 months. Then every 6 months if there is no sign of growth. Funny to think of our lives now being broken into 3 to 6 month increments...

Headed back to work on top of the world and stayed until about 10:30 pm. Ughs. But thank god work was my biggest complaint today. Thank you for all the emails and well wishes today. Was one of the reasons I was able to face everything with serenity. Kiss.

The Outfit
Old Navy sweater
Nanette Lepore jacket
Robert Rodriguez pants

The Accessories
Chanel bag and earrings
Fashion District scarf
Sam Edelman booties

The Grade

The Commentary

Kept things simple to meet with the doctor today. Pants, jacket, black and white, profesional, easy. And still, women couldn't stop staring, zeroing in on my cropped pants. Disgusted at the sliver of skin between the bootie and my pant hem. Shocked that I clearly don't understand proportion and appropriate pant length. Ugh.

It's hard being fashion forward in a fashion illiterate world.

Can you imagine the stares I'd have gotten if the pants were high waisted AND cropped?

Or bouchy at the ankle?

Or what if I donned Fashion Toast's booties (also Sam Edelman, natch!) with my cropped pants? I'd be hunted with pitchforks.

I fear today was the last straw. I am moving to Europe. Yes, I'll be the worst dressed person on the continent but at least no one will stare snarkily in ignorance.


Tracee said...

great news about your mom!!!

MissJordyPants said...

yaaaaaaaaah for you and your mommy! So happy :-)

Fabulosity said...

Big hug to you and your mom.

R said...

Such great, great news for your mom! Yay!! I think you should insist on 3 month visits so your mom can oogle Dr. Pretty more often. ;)

Sable Crow said...

I'd hunt you and your hot pants with a pitchfork anyday. Sable Crow loves a witch hunt. Brings back memories of the old days...

I digress. What kind of computer are you getting!? Diabolina Does Tech! Get the new touch screen HP! It's SO PURDY! I can see the blog entry now!

Kiss you and your mama.

Style Maven said...

amazing news about your mama. yay!

Mrs. Lexi said...

that's great news about your mommy! as someone who's gone through it, i know that being positive and calm is the definite best approach. xoxo

tam pham said...

yay for the great news! give mama a big ol' hug from me!

WendyB said...

Your pants look perfect to me! Very glad for your mom's good news.

WeezerMonkey said...

People stare because they are jealous!

Much love to you and Mami.

Lynn said...

Great news - so happy for you and mamacita. Hugs.

Diggin' the new design/blog header.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love all these looks
that's happened to my hair dryer before but it always manages to come back to life.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I'm sooo glad everything worked out for you and your gorgeous mom! And you looked FAB.

Emily said...

Yay! So happy to read the good news.

Victoria said...

so glad to hear about your mom :)

MissMissy said...

Wonderful news about your mom!!! Will continue to send positive thoughts her way!!!

OK - the Blue Screen of Death is going around like the flu! I've known so many people lately who are having the same problem (me included...)

Take Care!!!!

amber said...

so happy to hear the good news re: you momma :D you are still in my thoughts and prayers.


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