Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Scene
Good news: Our computer looks like it's gonna make it. Should have The Precious back by the weekend.
Bad news: My fancy T3 hair dryer is kaput. Bought a cheapie Conair in hopes of addressing this fugs hair situation before the weekend. Fingers crossed.

The Outfit
Missoni-inspired sweater set
Theory slacks
Vintage camel coat

The Accessories
Chanel necklace and earrings
Louis Vuitton bag
Stella McCartney heels
Damier-inspired bangle
Dior sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
Bought this optical illusion of a sweater set at the UCLA Thrift Store about five years ago. $15. A sassy vendor once drooled over and said, "I dream of owning Missoni one day." Ha! Little did she know I do too.

Felt like Margherita Missoni today.

Well, like Margherita if she sat behind a desk and banged on a computer all day

Instead of flitting about fabulous fashion parties all night. Sigh.

Heart her for rocking so much gray

I am obessessed with it lately

So chic and flattering for day

And evening. So wintery, so silver belle ;)

But truth be told, when I think of Missoni I think technicolor and rainbows.

Want my first Missoni knit to be a swirl of colors. Like this thunderbolt dreaminess.

Just have to figure out how to get my paws on a $4K.



weezermonkey said...

I was totally waiting for mention of snagability.

WendyB said...

That last dress is divine.

Kelley said...

I love that sweater set. It's so pretty. I've been digging gray lately too, thanks to you. :)

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Net-a-porter is having a sale on some Missoni items but like you said, 4K for a dress that may snag.

tam pham said...

i love gray even though i don't think it looks all too great with my skintone.

lookrichbitch said...

OMG! my T3 hair dryer is kaput too!!!

F to airdrying. boo!

amber said...

i love missoni, but also associate it with bright colors as opposed to subdued neutrals.

i have a T3 on my santa list. i hope you get a new dryer that works well soon :(


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