Monday, December 8, 2008

The Scene

Back to being a pumpkin after my Cinderella moment last night.

Big deadlines at work this week. BLECH! And my mom's next MRI is tomorrow. Can't believe it's been four months since we found out about the tumor! All kinds of on edge about what the doctor will say.

An aaaaaaamazing Gossip Girl (finally!) was a much appreciated distraction tonight. God, I love me some Chuck. And the Rufus/Lily kid was not a surprise but has me spinning on who they'll cast. I vote Rachel Bilson!

Blair Waldorf Jinx alert: Did you catch the Phillip Lim dress she wore for the wedding that I tried on a few weeks ago? I should have bought it. So regal.

Photobucket Also loved The Hills tonight. Well actually just Whitney. Nothing like seeing a fellow Trojan, on the brink of a whole new fabulous DVF NYC adventure. And did you catch the shoe shot during the interview? Looked like the two women were dancing while sitting. Adore!

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress and jacket

The Accessories
Forever 21 studded belt and bracelet
Steve Madden boots
Chanel purse

The Grade

The Commentary
Still glowing from my Michael Patrick King moment last night so I decided to debut the new studded belt I got in San Fran.

Felt oh-so-Carrie-licious all day.

Albeit rounder and browner ;)

However, I was quite self conscious about the proportion of the coat and the dress. To be just right the coat needed to be a little longer or the dress a little shorter. And these boots! Ugh these wood soled cheapie quasimotos have a mind of their own. When one reaches for my knee, the other slouches to my ankle. F.

I bet these Marni boots would never dream of doing such a thing.

Look at how SCRUMPTIOUS they look styled. Net-a-porter is quickly becoming my favorite site for outfit inspirations.

And Katie has become a perennial inspiration. Loving the matching navy stockings and dress. Would like to do that with a gray or burgundy soon.

Also would like to wear matching silver shoes with my mom tomorrow. Have our toes twinkle while we await good news!


lookrichbitch said...

I know your blogs aren't real time so hope your momma is fine! In fact, KNOW your momma is fine!

Loves and smoochies!

Sable Crow said...

Love that belt! Kiss you.


Emily said...

Gossip Girl was so very good! Although I assumed that Lily was in the hospital for an abortion - did they say that there's still a child running around somewhere, or are you just thinking that would make things more interesting? Rachel Bilson would be a very good addition style-wise, I agree. I realize that by this point the MRI has already happened, so fingers crossed that your next post holds good news!

Milly said...

love the look...i bought the jacket after seeing it on you..havent worn it enough though
and i'm also loving katie's look as well as suri ;)

Lilcee said...

sending lots of good luck dust to your momma that it goes well tmr/today.

I'm still shock that Bart is dead. Whaaat? I think Lily got an abortion in France. But we shall see. EEEEE...

WeezerMonkey said...

I love Whitney.
But I love your Mami more.
Hope all is well.

Tiffany said...

haven't watched either GG or the hills but they are on DVR waiting for me so am now excited to watch since you deemed them to be good episodes.

hope everything went with with your mom! loves to you both!

amber said...

i'm so behind on GG it's just plain sad. :/


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