Friday, December 26, 2008

The Scene
Don't let Mr. Saint's moniker fool you. Mr. Diabolina's buddy from high school is no saint. He loves him some Sin City and the ponies. So today he coordinated a degenerate gambler's dream: opening day at the Santa Anita races.

Mr. MBA (left) and Danny B (right) made it out completing Mr. D's high school possee. Here they are channeling Reservoir Dogs...Catholic school boy Reservoir Dogs. HA!

Confession: I'm not a gambler. Frankly, it's the equivalent of flushing money down the toliet to me. I'd much rather buy a handbag if I'm looking for a cheap thrill. Plus I find that where there's gambling there's the smell of desperation in the air. Invariably makes me sad about the human condition. Yes, I'm that Debbie Downer in Las Vegas.

Thank goodness today was so brilliantly gorgeous. Felt wonderful to be outside in the brisk air especially with good company. Keep staring up at the crystal clear sky instead of the people spending their monthly check.

At one point, I struck up a conversation with Mr. Saint's dear childhood friend, Sassy Lawyer. Mr. Diabolina had enjoyed meeting her last May at Mr. Saint's father's wake. And after peeping her big sunnies, sassy head scarf and zipper Uggs today, I sensed a kindred spirit. So when we were left alone sucking down cocktails to keep warm, I mentioned Mr. D's first trial - figured nothing like a legal victory to get a smartie lawyer talking. Never imagined the LOVELY exchange that would come next.

Sassy Lawyer shyly revealed that she knew all about Mr. D's trial. In fact, she knew all about us. You see, well before meeting Mr. D this summer, she had randomly come across my blog via The Knot.

When she met Mr. D, it was so out of context, she didn't even recognize him. It took her a few weeks to connect that he was Mr. D and that Mr. Saint knew the Diabolinas. And when she did, she became an avid reader. Hearts! What a small world, no???

The two of us proceeded to talk fashion and professional passion and female friendships and writing and marriage for what seemed like an hour. Like old friends. While both of our misters looked on anxiously. Adore. Hope we can stay in touch - keep our girl crushing going strong ;)

For dinner, Danny B brought over lobsters he'd caught this season which we served with tamales and BBQ corn and apple pie for dessert. DELICIOUSLY RANDOM.

Today was a wonderful glimpse of what life might have been like if Mr. Saint

And Mr. MBA had come home to the West Coast after college.

Glad we have Danny B and Daisy Duke's to keep us company

until the other boys and girls come to their senses and leave those Chicago winters behind.

The Outfit
Banana Republic turtleneck
BCBG leather jacket
Forever 21 black jeans
The Accessories
BCBG boots
Marc Jacobs bag and zipper earrings
Thrifted scarf
Forever 21 sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

It didn't even dawn on me to get my Kentucky Derby on today. F.

Probably would have looked pretty ridiculous anyway in the plebian stands sucking down Bloody Mary's and placing $2 bets if I wore a fantabulous hat like this one on a horse's owner. Sigh.

As I was getting ready this morning, Seabiscuit was the last thing on my mind. I was much more concerned with showing off my new comfy BCBG boots. I heart them. They look so much like these Loeffler Randall boots with the sensible heel and gold hardware.

But mine cost hundreds less. YAY me!

Newsflash: Boots were THE footwear of choice for hot chicks today. They were everywhere at the track. None cuter than Daisy Duke's Dolce Vita ones.

Tres LC.

Not to be outdone, Mr. Saint wore his new shoes. Got alot of heat for how glaringly unblemished they were.

Danny B also got lots of attention. For making the biggest peanut mess in the shortest amount of time. F.

Finally let's talk about my butter-soft-perfectly-fitting leather jacket. Reminds me of this Elizabeth and James one but at a third of the price. LOVE!

Also feels slightly Alexander Wang with the zippers at the wrists.

Can't wait to wear it to toughen up a frou-frou dress

Or just to look tough.

So many leather looks to try out.

I fear I am going to start being referred to as The Fonz :)

Gonna see if the is taken.


Milly said...

great gifts!!..they look so fab!

WendyB said...

Just don't jump the shark :-)

Sable Crow said...

Still bitter about the jacket. I need help!

Secret-manifest me a leather coat! Sable crow is tired of waiting! F.

Delicious post. Lovely Sassy Lawyer. Either its a small world or you're REALLY famous.

I'm just sayin...


weezermonkey said...

Oh em gee, the Internet is bonkers! I am dying that she already read your bloggy blog.

After all these years, I've still never met Mr. Saint, although I'm not sure why we would've. He looks so much like his mama!

amy said...

i'm dying to know how your blog is connected to the knot and i just spent the last ten minutes searching the knot thinking that you and mr. d are officially "mr. and mrs." - unbeknownst to long lost college friends who can't storm a wintry mix to catch up with the dynamic duo in nyc. sorry if i missed previous posts that might have shed some light on this mystery...

Da Fashionista said...

u funny, amy! no, you didn't miss anything and mr d and i are NOT married.

i guess alot of girls who read me find me through other girls' blogs who used to be on the knot and are now on the nest. in sassy lawyer's case she found me via missjordypants who was on the knot then started her blog the jordana project which links to me! got it?

ms.jillybean said...

d, clearly internet charm translates to real life loveliness. girl crushing is the perfect descriptive.

let's do have some more beyond the blog sharing-perhaps not at the races (unless in Kentucky, or wearing big hats).


Victoria said...

how many readers do you have now?! it's amazing that people are recognizing you out in public.... congrats! :)

lookrichbitch said...

agree very muchly about gambling. when others say, "but if you win, you could by TWO bags!" i scoff and say "but if i loose, i get NO bags!"

loves your boots. and the buttons?? fahgettaboutit!

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Shaminista said...

love the leather jacket!
Nice blog :-)


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