Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Scene

There's nothing like that split second when you wake up and Christmas morning washes over you. Even in hustling, bustling Los Angeles, there's this magical stillness in the air. It's always eeriely peaceful. Love.

This morning, Mr. D and I picked up my mom and had a big fat JEWISH breakfast at our favorite 90210 deli. It's become a tradition in recent years.

Then we headed to our place and finally saw a CD of pictures from my mom's trip to Guatemala.

I imagined just how different the last 31 Christmases would have been if she'd never left, if I'd grown up there instead of here.

In the afternoon, the three muskateers watched Slumdog Millionaire. Wow. Stunningly original film. So many beautifully gripping stories still out there to be told. I find that endlessly inspiring.

In the evening, the three of us had a lovely dinner with Mr. D's extended family. I was in charge of the peas. Almost messed that up. Ugh.

Successfully dodged questions about getting married and having kids. Sigh. You know, the usual holiday fare.

And now to the all important capitalist pig portion of this post: this year's PRESENT haul!

I'd like to introduce you to my new BCBG boots - they are so Loeffler Randall I can't stand it.

And - FINALLY - the perfect leather jacket of my very own. Banded collar, button detailing at the shoulder and ruffle at the waist. Also BCBG and also 70 percent off.

Meet my new Dolce and Gabanna heels - 60 percent off at Saks. I've been dying for leopard print shoes my entire adult life. I guess I'm all growns up now.

But still young enough to love Hello Kitty and girly trinkets

We got bubbly from Mr. D's littlest sister.

With it's very own fancy traveling case. Adore!

Mr. D noted I would like anything - even a turd! - if it came with a purse. F. He knows me well ;)

The Outfit
Robert Rodriguez pants
Marc by Marc Jacobs top
Forever 21 turtleneck
Burberry jacket

The Accessories
Steve Madden boots
Forever 21 sunglasses
Chanel earrings
Marc Jacobs purse

The Grade

The Commentary

For most of my life, dressing for Christmas meant dressing for church. It involved multiple trips to Saks to find just the right red/green dress and Striderite for new patent Mary Janes. I relished the ritual of getting dressed up on Christmas morning almost as much as opening my presents.

Then when I was 16 my stepdad died and we stopped going to church...even on Christmas. My mom and I never really spoke about just happened. Still feels odd some 15 years later to not have to factor in church into my Christmas outfit.

Picked up this Marc top at Macy's on deep discount while we were up in San Francisco. Knew it'd be perfect for today with a turtleneck layered underneath. Very Lucky Magazine ;)

Felt a bit edgy wearing tall leather boots around Mr. D's family today.

Probably shouldn't have. It's not like they were studded and Gucci and fabulous - sigh.

Didn't loooove my ensemble today but it was infinitely better than coke bottle glasses, PJs or a HUMONGOUS coat with self mutilated baby bangs!!! Ughs to the fugs.

Only a mother could have loved me through some of those unfortunate looks of Christmases past. Thank god I have the best one in the world.


Jean Bean said...

When are you two getting married and squeezing off some DNA?

tam pham said...

merry xmas! i almost bought that top...wish i had..we could have been twinsies again!

WendyB said...

Yay for leopard shoes! I have a pair of leopard D&G sandals that I got at least 10 years ago. They're still going strong!

The Peeper said...

I eat your face off in that sweater vest/purple skirt combo. So cute I could die. Would like to see that look revived please and thank you.

WeezerMonkey said...

What a nice Christmas! :)

I think BroMo, Mr. Monkey, and I are the only ones on the face of the planet who didn't *love* Slumdog. I mean, it was good, but it wasn't great. I think it is getting so much buzz because it is the only Oscar contender that isn't a total downer this year!

Sable Crow said...

I'm giving you an F out of sheer, unadulterated, unfiltered jealousy.


I got a sweater so big I could do laps in it and enough cash to pay for my cab rides to and from LAX. F.

Last year I bought myself a Jaguar for Christmas. This year I'm going to buy a house. F+.

Style Maven said...

what fun gifts! adore the boots. and i totally agree with you on the LA being eerily peaceful on xmas. one day a year it happens and it is wonderful..

amber said...

those boots are suh-weet!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Lucky girl, what wonderful presents. Your post reminded me of my Christmas' growing up. Hence why I tried inject some glamour to my Christmas. Glad you had a good day. And btw - when are you getting married??????

Rachee said...

<3 the boots! and the fabulous leather jacket.

Tiffany said...

fantastic presents! I especially heart the Vueve with the bag. I now need that in my life.

Jean Bean said...

What about the Snuggie/Slanket?

Lynn said...

LOVIN' the champagne carry case - brilliant. Also love all the pics from your childhood in the last couple of posts. Keep 'em coming. Kisses.

Kyle said...

UGH I have been trying to get someone to give me that Veuve gift set for a YEAR now! So jealous!!! Please can we have a picnic when I am in LA and you can bring the bubbly!


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