Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Scene
Daisy Duke's hearts wine. Me? I'm more of a hard alcohol kinda gal. It's not that I don't like wine, I just prefer almost any other alcohol ;) But since I heart me some Daisy Duke's when she invited us to her wine club's holiday soiree at Bodega, I replied "yes, please!"

Daisy Duke's is part of an all-female wine club called the Vixens of Vino. Half a dozen or so twentysomethings trade off hosting wine tastings every week. Kinda like a book club but revolving around booze. Me likes. I was part of a scotch club once upon a time. Miss it. Maybe I'll start the Hard Alcohol Hotties in 2009 ;)

The girls did a lovely job of decorating a private area at the bustling bar tonight. Laid out quite a delish spread too.

Daisy Duke's even baked itty bitty cupcakes.

She had Mr. Diabolina at "baked." He scarfed quite a few of her smurf-rrific delights.

On the other hand, I couldn't get enough of the cheese plate. Love how the tight twentysomething tushie in my direct line of sight did not deter my brie-a-thon. F.

Relaxing night of holiday cheer with one of our fave couples of the year. And in just one week we'll be in NYC with our favorite East Coast couple, Jean Bean and Texas Cowboy. This holiday season just keeps getting better and better!

The Outfit
Kay Unger dress
Fashion District coat
The Accessories
Vintage clutch
Chanel earrings
Dolce and Gabbana shoes

The Grade

The Commentary

Behold my new, my first ever, leopard coat. An early Christmas present from my momma. I have crossed oceans of time to find this coat.

Think I've dreamed of owning a leopard jacket since I could walk. Or at least since I was 19.

Over the last decade, all the exquisite ones I've pined for have been far too expensive. They have been Dolce and Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, after all. (See Mahalo Fashion's purrfectly thorough designer leopard round up here.)

And all the ones I could afford - at resale stores or mass retailers like H&M or Banana Republic - were not up to snuff. Not fabulous enough or flattering enough or luxe enough. So I had just about given up hope and resigned myself to the fact that I'd eventually have to fork out a small fortune to satisfy my Leo proclivities.

But last Sunday, there she was, just waiting for me in the window of a shop I never frequent in the Fashion District. The cut was classic,the print SPOT ON, the collar dramatic, and the $120 price, a steal. My mom and I were incredulous. We tried to find fault with it but couldn't. We practically skipped down the street after we bought it.

Tonight I wore it with red lips and Dolce and Gabanna heels and felt very Old Hollywood glamour puss.

Think it was a bit much for the twentysomethings at the bar tonight. Got a "no she didn't" look or two. Ugh. Youth is wasted on the young. They'll come around in another decade or so when they are more comfortable with their own fabulousness.

To work today, I wore the designer LBD with this thrifted $15 sweater coat, Chloe Mary Janes and Chanel bag.

Ugh, soooo Chanel

For the party, I simply switched out the purse for the clutch, the wedges for the stilletos and the Coco sweater for the leopard sateen. Whole new look in just five minutes. Easy day to night transformation.

Speaking of transformations, tonight I wore a Spanx. Because I haven't worked out in weeks and I going to be around girls 10 years younger than me and 20 pounds skinnier. Plus I was inspired by Wanda Syke's hilarious stand up at the Trevor Project event.

Wanda revealed that when she turned 40, she realized that stubborn roll of fat around her middle wasn't going anywhere so she embraced it, even named it Bertha. She told us Bertha is a bitch who loves booze and bread baskets. Bertha also hates getting into the Spanx for big occassions. She claims she can't breathe and half way through the night she rolls down the Spanx to get a breath of fresh air. HAHAHHAH!

For those of you lucky or sane enough never to have stuffed yourself into a Spanx, you may not know that as you shift and move, the Spanx often starts riding down. Like your very own Bertha is trying to make a break for it.

You may also be unaware that when wearing a Spanx you have to be careful to not flash your Spanx encased thighs. Ugh.

Well, tonight, this Spanx veteran felt her own Bertha (now known as Wilbur) trying to wiggle out of the Spanx AND I flashed my Lance Armstrong thighs in a picture. F. Showed the Spanx shot to these three people and then immediately erased it. Hence the hand between my legs in this redo shot

J Lo would have been horrified.


MissJordyPants said...

ohhh see, get friendly with your Spanx and they will stick in place all night... working hard for you!

Love the new coat!

WeezerMonkey said...

I have never worn Spanx. I'm a little scared of it.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Spanx, Fabulous! But seriously I may need to buy one - Oi vey.

tam pham said...

i don't actually own any spanx...just a couple of distant cousins. the wanda skyes tidbit was hilarious. you look j.lo fab in that coat.

Shoezq said...

That coat is fabulous! Well done mom!

Milly said...

love the coat!!!

Mar5195 said...

Spanx is your friend. When the nylons rip I keep the pant part for pants. But my Bertha doesn't like to keep them on. She's a bitch like that.

WendyB said...

Awesome coat. Love, love, love it.

My Bertha and I have good luck avoiding Spanx-rolldown, thank God.

lookrichbitch said...

girrrrl.. spanx is my undercover bff. i hate the middle of the party roll down. hahaha.


Sable Crow said...


AAHHHHH!!!!! I thought I was the only nerd who quoted that movie.

I'm your Dracula and Mr. D is your Jonathan Harker. Just bought an autographed hard-cover annotated edition as my parents' birthday gift to me. Nuts for vampires. Nuts for you.

Take me away from all this death.
Your friend,

harp said...

i heart spanx. the waist-high spanx completely eliminates the bertha-buldge and comfortably fits under the "girls". highy recommended! love your coat btw, that is totally my style!

bubbie said...

I love spanx. They are my best friend sometimes. They do hurt after awhile though, but it is worth it.

Ana said...

Love that coat...seriously! Your mom is such a sweetheart.

Emily said...

I love the coat. Not sure I have quite the style to rock it, but I would definitely have been a 20something giving you a "damn girl" look rather than a "oh no she didn't" look. Pretty sure a leopard coat has to be one of the definitions of fabulous.

amber said...

i needed a good laugh and this post fit the bill! <3 i've never worn spanx, but dang is that story not funny. and i'm sorry, but is that miss eva flashing her spanx-y thighs? if so, i'm shocked she is even wearing them in the first place. she is itty bitty!

for the record, that coat is HOT! you like like a little minx in it. very nice :)


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