Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Scene
Rough day at work yesterday. Today is better. But not by much. Deep sigh.

Just as I am about to surrender to complete and utter dismay (insert violins here) I get an email from an old college friend. She's trying to get rid of extra tickets to a concert for tomorrow night. Um, and it just happens to be a concert the 11 year old has been DYING to go to!!! Hint: It's not Madonna.

Go to bed HYPERVENTALATING!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Outfit
Forever 21 top
Image wrap sweater
Mossimo skinny jeans

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Me&Ro necklace
Forever 21 earrings
BCBG boots

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around this flattering cheapie top. Dressed it down with the jeans today for a more casual look than the last time I wore it to work.

Hmmmm-hmmmm ruffles. Can't get enough of them.

On a summery dress

Or a wintery coat

On a Phillip Lim/Christian Louboutin flat

Or red soled heels.

Am thrilled ruffles will still be all the rage this spring.

Need need need this buttery fluttery dress ASAP.

And this model's body so I can wear this Phillip Lim concoction.

For all of you who just say no to ruffles, I offer the delovely Style-ish for your consideration.

Here she is rockin two HAUTE work looks. Subtle ruffles but ruffles nonetheless! Best of all both the top and dress are Forever 21!!! Still kicking myself for not snapping up both.

Try as I might, I cannot get this shopbob look out of my mind either.

So even though it was too hot for boots today I donned these flat waffle boots.

Hmmmm-hmmmm waffle....

Ugh. Waffle + Ruffles. I'm totally the piggie fashionista.

Loving Loeffler Randall flat boots at the moment. Too pricey for my blood tho.

Gotta stick to my ruffled Loeffler Randall for Target flats for now.

CANNOT wait for the debut of the Sigerson Morrison for Target line this weekend!!!

These booties have potential.

Fear they could look CHEAPOLA in person.

But these studded flats seem worth the price of admission, no?


WeezerMonkey said...

You got the right stuff, baby?

Nololos said...

I am loving the grey wrap sweater and the vest you have been rocking lately! Is grey the new black? 'Cause i am ready for it. I have so much grey. It has always been my fave non-color!

Lynn said...

Even in the hard times, you are always Hangin' Tough.

Kelley said...

I was at the concert too! Wasn't it amazing?! I'm going again in Vegas this weekend. Overkill - yes, but it is entirely necessary that I go again.

Jean Bean said...

I've ordered the purple bootie and will give you a full report.

Speaking of ruffles, I checked out the fall Prada ruffle bags, and I loved the lace and leather, but the nylon version is appalling! Who spends that kind of money on fraying nylon?

JillFantastic said...

I saw Jordan and the mall in Sherman Oaks a few months ago. He looks GOOD. I hope you had good seats!

Tiffany said...

ayayaya i made a Diabolina post! :)

with ya on the ruffles. I just keep on wanting more.

I need a full D report on the Sigerson Morrison Target collection please! Targets are too far away from me so I will only go check it out if you say it's worth it.

lookrichbitch said...

I've been on a boots and leggings kick lately. Love to be comfy and cozy and cute too.

And I'm eating cheetos right now so who's the piggy now?

WendyB said...

I am fully in favor of ruffles in potatoes and in fashion.

fashionintelligentsia said...

I know it was New Kids! I always wanted to see them, but my mom said I was too young to go to a concert. Ok, I was like 6, but my sister who was 13 got to go! ARGH!

amber said...

i'm all over the ruffles everywhere. so girlie, so pretty.


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