Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Scene
Mr. Diabolina is baaaaaaaaaaaack! Can't talk ;)

The Outfit
Fashion District jacket
Marc by MJ tee
Express pants

The Accessories
Gucci scarf
Me&Ro necklace and earrings
Marc Jacobs bag and shoes

The Grade

The Commentary
After a few days of black and more black, opted for some color today. A bright celebratory outfit to welcome home my love.

Built the outfit around this sheeny jacket. Ugh I adore how it looks like letha in the right light. I am positively ITCHING for a leather jacket at the moment.

Saw this stunning skirt recently (Phillip Lim??) and remembered I should dig out this jacket.

Just when you think you can't love it anymore - there's the fabulous lining. Like a little kaleidoscope of secret all for you. Very Pucci.

The Pucci Spring 2009 show was one of my favorites. So signature, so Italian, so bold and beautiful. I can practically taste this maxi dress. I'd wear it in Hawaii with big wild curls, no jewelry and wedges. Very JLo.

And this!!! Asymmetry has never looked this retro and modern at the same time. Gwyneth needs this in her life.

Adoring this netting look around the shoulders. It looks trampy and cheap but in a designer hot mess way.

Similar to the lacy dreaminess of Balmain this season. Fashion Toast just did a great recessionista ode to this look. She and I - eeks! - emailed last week. More on that soon.

Added the Gucci scarf on a whim and it changed the whole outfit. Became the focal point and pulled everything together. Happy accident style.

It's a similar color palette to one of the patterns on the Gucci Spring runway. The whole show was very meh! Not particularly luxe looking. I miss Tom.

The scarf also conjured images of Marni for spring.

I mean could a garment BE any more stimulating? With the textures and the competing but complimentary patterns and the fugly hot styling.

I need this entire look. It's again SOOO Italian. So chic. So intellectual.

I'd wear this in Milan. To the shows with Jean Bean and then off to the Prada outlet.

p.s. Can you BEEEEEEEELIEVE Rachel Zoe's husband got her Dylan McKay's car???? Luke Perry is mine, dammit!


WeezerMonkey said...

I like the return of color.

angel said...

i looove this scarf. the swirl of colors and patterns is perfect. ;-)

tam pham said...

hurry up and tell me all about your interaction with fash toast!!! ps. this outfit is one of faves of yours.

Tracee said...

LOVE the bracelet! did i miss where's it from?!

Diabolina 3.1 said...

FOREVER 21. I bought it in purple ages ago. and just found it in peach and white. Like $6.

WendyB said...

Love the colors in that scarf. Very flattering!

Milly said...

I got that same bracelet soon as i saw it, it reminded me of the purple one you have :)
and i was so shocked when i saw Dylan's car....such luck!

harp said...

Amo los colores de tu Scarve (dur. completely forgot the word for scarve in Spanish:) lol

harp said...

Wait, is it scarve or scarf? I always get the two confused. I associate scarf with the fluffy warm, wool things you wrap yourself with on a below-freezing type day, and the former with the fabulous Italian women who throw them around their heads and drape them on their necks, before they put on their PRADA sunglasses and hop on their vespas. Which is the correct terminology?

Jean Bean said...

I can't even believe she has a husband.

Ana said...

I'm feeling you on the leather jacket coveting.

Can Rachel Zoe HAVE a better life? dang it!

Have a great weekend!

fashionintelligentsia said...

The best part of the Zoe finale is when she walked out and said "You got me Dylan Mckay's car!?!" I am going to miss that show - I hope they bring it back!

amber said...

that scarf is gorgeous. two thumbs up!

harp said...

just answered my own dumb question. scarf is singular, scarves are plural. it was one of those days;) either way, the colors you were donning were some of my favorite. I love me some magenta!


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