Monday, September 29, 2008

Diabolina Digs
Having cool chick readers.

Last month, Nololos aka Wizzie emailed me from Kona, Hawaii. She just wanted to let me that she and her BFF Elle "love [me] and to keep the pics and blogs coming...[they] are reading all the way out in Hawaii!" Adore.

Over the ensuing weeks, have found out that Nololos is a fellow thirtysomething curly haired Louis Vuitton fiend. Adore even more.

Last week, she sent me this Dear Diabolina email:

Hey girl,

Still reading the blog and loving it! So I know you are totally busy and everything but I had a question about Forever 21. Me and my girl Elle (the one who got her hair japanese straightened) are flying over to Honolulu on Tues. for a shopping day!!!

This is so big and exciting I feel like I'm gonna pee my pants! So...I have never (gasp!) been inside a F21 store. I've only shopped online. Can you help? Maybe if you have nothing to write about one day (yeah right) you could do a pointers to shopping in this store? A plan of attack? Key items to look for?

Of course we are going to hit the new Nordstroms and Banana and Lucky etc...but what we are most excited about is F21!!Maybe if you don't feel like writing anything...could you...would you...pretty please maybe ask your lovely fab readers what they think?

Is this a totally random question? I just have this one chance over there and don't want to come home with bags of bad choices and spur of the moment horrible ideas.

Thanks girl...if you can't no biggie...just thought it would be cute.I'll get a pic in front of the store if you want!

Aloha,Wizzie (and Elle)

Crazed with getting ready for my business trip, I wrote back this short Dear Diabolina Answer:

V. exciting. Yes, please take a pic and send it.

You are in luck because I've kinda already written some F21 advice most recently in June and also back in April.

Most of all tho beware of what I call The Frenzy. Buy only things you love. Whether expensive or F21. It's the best way to really define your style. And not go broke ;)


And here's Nololos' "Kona girls in the city" report - it pretty much made my week:

Us in F21! The girls were soooo nice and happy to take our pic. Ok so, Lucky jeans, Fighting Eel tunic, Versace glasses, Louie cammo bag, Roxy wedge flip flops (That's totally for comfort.) Elle had on Jo jeans, Coach bag, Dior glasses, Free people tank and Anthropologie shoes. And her adorable jacket is from jeans warehouse (our version of F21) and was only $9!

We had so much fun. F21 was over the top. we went twice. Once to take it all in and make mental notes and then went back for the kill. I spent only $70 and got a ton of cute things. Stayed mostly in the khaki range so I could add pops of color. Great idea and fun to figure out later today when I go thru my loot!

Please note the fab pearls on Elle and the HUGE statement ring on me. Both found within the first 2 min. when we walked in the brand new Nordstroms. Kinda set the tone.
Also I was channeling Rachel Zoe with the extra large Starbucks. I also (shy voice) tried to make my pose casual like you...I gave you total props btw.

Lunch was sushi an a conveyor belt! We were feeling very "Hills."

One more thing.....I have to mention we were dressed not only for cuteness but knowing we were going to try on a million things. It was a tricky combo but I think we pulled it off. We got to Honolulu at 9 am and flew out at 7 pm and still didn't have enough time! :0

Ugh how much do you love her guest post? I think in addition to being a fashionista and adorable, Nololos may also be a bit of a natural writer :)

Any other readers who want to share successful shopping tales, I am all ears!!! Your emails and comments really brighten up my day. Keep em coming.


WeezerMonkey said...

Aww, I love the Hawaii girls!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

That was super cute. I sooo wish we had Forever 21 in Australia. I'm sending you lots of love from OZ.


Nololos said...

Yay! We did have so much fun over there. I have new life in my closet now just with a few things I got I can change up and make so many new outfits. Love that. My closet was starting to bore me a bit. Good times and much needed girlie bonding over shopping.
What is it about shopping that brings us girls closer together?
Sometimes i can tell if a new potential girl will become a besty just by the way we shop together. Is that wrong?
Glad you liked the emails, Miss D!


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