Monday, September 22, 2008

The Scene
Best Monday possibly ever.

Today my mom found out her citizenship swearing in will be the week after next!! We celebrated over dinner. She sparkles as she tells me the first thing she wants to do after the ceremony is register to vote. Obamanos, I say! ;)

Tonight, she reminds me that something I was born with (American citizenship) is something others risk everything to get. Something so many forsake family and education and homeland to attain. She reminds me that no matter what has transpired over the last 8 years I am blessed to be an American. All reminders that I needed as financial institutions crumble around me and some of my dearest friends have to fight for the right to marry.

After dinner, I lap up Gossip Girl (Herve Leger is my homeboy!) and The Hills (How is SPENCER the one making sense tonight?)

Then Mr. Diabolina keeps me up having the conversation every woman wants to have with her man more often. You know the one where he asks all the right questions and is genuinely interested in hearing the answers. The one where you say beautiful, supportive, healing things to each other. Where you are the very definition of emotionally intimate.

Tonight he asked about my childhood and the day my dad died and my mother's complicated relationship with her mother. Just cuz. So I told him things I've never told anyone. Just cuz.

So much came tumbling out. Mostly painful with dashes of beautiful and sprinkles of funny. So much that I have to write. I swear, the book in my head just keeps getting better and better ;)

The Outfit
Dolce and Gabanna skirt
Behnaz Sarafpour for Target shell

The Accessories
Chanel earrings and purse
Fashion District zebra bracelet
Marc Jacobs round toe raffia pumps

The Grade

The Commentary

Have had alot of black and white references rolling around in my head recently. Like this shot of Posh and JLo at the Marc Jacobs show during Fashion Week.

And this insanely hot Phillip Lim dress.

And the recent Coco Chanel movie with Shirley MacLaine. It was painfully meandering. It was a made for television Lifetime movie after all. But I must admit it made me more intrigued than ever. Loved getting a glimpse at the creative process as well as the personal and professional failures of the businesswoman behind my beloved interlocking C's. Hope the Coco film starring Audrey Tautou is better. Shouldn't be too difficult.

Picked this lovely Go International shell to build the look around. Looks like something Coco herself might have worn.

Ok and maybe a little Colonel Sanders too :)

It's very signature Behnaz Sarafpour. Love her ladylike chic and NYC elegance. Very Breakfast at Tiffany's.

For a hot minute, I thought about buying her Target leopard print jacket. But ultimately decided that piece should be a super luxe investment rather than a $50 approximation.

Chose the Dolce and Gabanna pencil skirt next. LOVE the leopard print lining. This is a hand me down garment I use to weigh myself. In other words, when it's too tight I know I need to hit the gym. And, well, it's officially tight. Ugh.

Loved that today's look was nearly identical to the last outfit Blair donned in tonight's Gossip Girl episode. JINX!

(Also learned from that Blair's headbands are Susan Daniels. Just like my blue bow one from Thursday. SEE, I really am a Blair!!!)

Also had this recent Leighton reference in mind today as I wondered whether I should tuck in the top into the skirt - devil may care style.

Have you noticed that look lately? It's typically done with a lightweight top. Ugh. I love the casual elegance of it all.

Tried to do the tuckage a few different ways but nothing was working. It all felt too sloppy joppy. And like I was trying to look effortless. Wendy's least favorite thing :)

Do like the side bubble effect though...

Finished the look off with Chanel accessories and these adorable Marc bow heels. B for Bow-liciousness today.

p.s. Did any of you see the article about Karl's Paris apartment in the October American Vogue? It's titled Starship Lagerfeld. Everything is immaculate and sleek and modern. I want.

But the reason I mention it is please look closely at what's on the TV in the master bedroom. That's right it's The Hills!!!!

The Kaiser and I are guilty as charged. We love us some vapid TV drama. And jaunty black bow ties ;)

p.p.s. And did you see how Cut restaurant immortalized Speidi? Karl and Cut???? Trying not to player hate but come on!!!! Ugh, I need my own reality show already!


Emily said...

Everyone in my (Spanish-speaking) office is cracking up at "Obamanos" - I love it! That is officially my new favorite word. Congrats to your adorable and inspirational mommy :)

MissJordyPants said...

Get that book out of your head, onto paper and into my hands! STAT.

Kate of All Trades said...

Yay for your Obama mama, yay for awesome conversations with your man, and yay for that skirt! Love it all.

pam said...

been loving your blog since you started. congrats to your mami! i just went to a swearing a few weeks ago - 6000+ new citizens during that ceremony and there 2 other ceremonies scheduled that day. it will be such a special day!

lookrichbitch said...

Laughed when I saw Colonel Sanders. You guys are twinsies!

Ugh.. Need to go to the gym too. Blech.

amber said...

i'm loving all the black and white recently. oh, and all the splashes of gray. love love love it!

tam pham said...

the colonel sanders shot out made me laugh out loud.

WeezerMonkey said...

Dashes of beautiful and sprinkles of funny are the best.

WendyB said...

Great outfit. Colonel Sanders wishes he looked that good.

Jean Bean said...

When my grandmother was on her death bed, she still made us wheel her to the polls so she could vote for Bush. We should have refused. Just kidding. Citizenship is the holy grail for immigrants. No way we would have denied her that.

VOTE, everybody! Obamamania is worthless if you don't get your ass to the polls. Thank you.

Savvy Mode SG said...

adore bandaid dresses, though i think i might have to stop eating for a couple of day. chanel tote rocks. i have one like it without the quilt.

Emily said...

i love your top, very blair waldorf :)

Tiffany said...

I am intrigued by this lackadaisical way to tuck in shirts. I'm gonna try that out.


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