Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Scene
Work. Yawn.

The Outfit
Banana Republic slacks and top

The Accessories
Stella McCartney bag
Yves Saint Laurent d'orsay pumps
Forever 21 sunglasses and bangles
Me&Ro earrings
Banks&Biddle diamond bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
I cannot tell a lie. Not feeling work so that zaps my fashion sass quotient dramatically. No inspiration, no creative outfit. Wah for all of us.

Decided to build the outfit around my new baby girl, Stella Brown. She inspires me. Here's her first photo at home waking up in the beautiful morning light. I'm a very proud mama. Do you love that she matches my YSL pumps perfectly? Big part of the reason I even brought her home in the first place. There is method in this here madness.

Meet the gorg little bag tucked inside Stella Brown. Perfect for easy access to my Blackberry or a lip gloss. I call her Baby Stella Brown. Adorable, no? Looks a little like her dad, Mr. D.

Here's what happens to Stella Brown when you remove the AMAZING, colorful, Marni-esque chain strap and attach the very functional, almost - YIKES - messenger type strap. She becomes Stella Butch real fast.

But I'm not mad at her. Stella Butch might be just the thing for traveling. We have a trip coming up to Washington D.C. Might give her a whirl then.

And finally this is where Stella Brown/Baby Stella Brown/Stella Butch all go nite-nite. Tucked in nice and cozy. I almost love the dust bags of my fancy bags as much as the bags themselves. I am really a simple girl when it really comes down to it ;)

I love today's top. Flattering, perfect blank palette, detailed neckline, cutey buttons and fluttery sleeves. Bought it on sale at Nana. Less than $25.

However, I have NO business owning it. I rarely wear it. It's silk. I ruin silk. With my - ahem- aforementioned sweating issue and with my piggie tendencies. In fact, today I dribbled a meat ball sandwich on it by 1 p.m. F. I am a monster.

That's exactly why I didn't get this WHITE Stella bag even though it was also 60 percent off on Saturday and winking at me.

Or this color block SATIN clutch that I 've adored for months. Not for me. I'm not allowed. I would ruin them and hate myself.

Let's talk about happier things. Like my pants. Pinstripes. So masculine. They instantly conjure thoughts of an impeccable suit on a business man or gantster or some combination of the two.

A light pinstripe on a burgundy brown though is quite the opposite. It's unexpectedly feminine. It's actually quite hot! Love it.

The proportion on this pant, however, isn't great. Need to let the hem out. Should be a few inches longer to be more flattering. Maybe will bring them in to a tailor with my new J Brand jeans which are too long.

I'm lucky. Don't have to get many things tailored. Downside is that I'm a baby when I do.

Two more favorite fierce pinstripes that these pants conjure...

Remember Carrie in that Vivienne Westwood suit at the Vogue offices? Ugh. Deeeevine. That SATC episode was pretty much my personal heaven. Her neckline, pencil skirt, stilettos, and curly hair all A+s. All perfection.

So was Candy Bergin and that amazing accessories closet scene with the mythical patent Mary Jane Manolos. I even didn't mind that Sloane was suddenly on SATC (yes, I was a big Alias nerd, yes I will always have a fondness for Jennifer Garner because of it.)

Lately, I've also been obsessing about this little Jean Paul Gautier pinstripe suit. From Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour circa 1990. Likely gonna wear something similar in a few weeks.

Why? Well my birthday par-TAY is coming up. And I always have costume parties. I force the people who love me to dress up. Consider it their present to me.

This year's theme is My Super Sweet Madonna and Michael Jackson Masquerade. I've instructed everyone to come as their favorite era of either icon. And cross dressing is encouraged. It's going to be a karaoke party.

Lots of folks are out of town that weekend. Perils of being a summer baby. But I'm pretty sure it's still going to make for some epic photos ;)


lookrichbitch said...

Love the costume party idea! Hilarious!

tam pham said...

i'm assuming that my invite got lost in the mail :-(.

weezermonkey said...

I like messenger bags. Please still be my friend.

Milly said...

loving the new Stella bag

WendyB said...

Isn't it nice to have a new bag to love?

MissJordyPants said...

You're a fantastic bag mommy! I love her.


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