Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Scene
Two words made me get out of bed today. Project Runway.

Mr. Diabolina (yes, he watches!) and I cuddled up and watched it after another shark dinner (yes, you can eat Mako shark - tastes just like chicken!) And the show didn't disappoint.

Still want to be adopted by Tim Gunn. Still can't bear Heidi's accent. Still LOVE watching the creativity flow out of individuals and into a garment. Still get ridiculously stressed out as the runway show approaches. And still get uber sad for the person who gets voted out even when I hate them.

Here's my new season breakdown.

Tan boy is so Chip and Pepper. Dying at his "holla at your boy." Where do they find these people?

The Cher look alike is so lucky. She's next to go. Bugs. Mr. Diabolina said to me, "Wait, is her name Stella McCartney???" He thinks he's hilarious and a fashion insider.

Am loving Leanimal. Lookrichbitch did a delish write up on the Portland based designer's delectably feminine frocks. Think she could go far but might not have the attitude to really pull it off. Seems a bit meek and mild.

Jerrel is pretty and hilarious. And likely bananas. Great combo for reality TV. Interested to see what he brings to the table.

Am also loving the guy who worked for Marc Jacobs but just by association.

And my winner of the evening was blue cups guy. Amazing concept and execution. People's creativity astounds me.

The Outfit
Emporio Armani jacket
Forever 21 bubble tank
Madewell rail straight black jeans

The Accessories
Steven wedge gladiators
Fashion District necklace
Forever 21 bracelet
Stella McCartney bag
Gucci sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary
You may or may not have noticed that I only added The Sartorialist to my blog roll last week. Confession: Hadn't done it because I just don't typically go there. Not for inspiration. Not even out of curiosity.

Shocking? Horrifying? Thinking of disowning me? Let me explain myself before you burn me at the fashion stake.

It's just that all The Sartorialist shots are...well...soooo fashion. Sooooo much black. Sooooo uniform dressing. Soooo many Blue Steel faces. Sooooo fashion cliche.

Don't get me wrong. I totally appreciate the composition of the photography. How it drips spontaneity and "of the moment." The glitter mixed with a bit of grit. The insider/outsider tension of the vantage point.

And as a writer who is starting to see blogging as a potential doorway to professional opportunities, I truly respect the phenomenon of The Sartorialist. His rise to online fame, the multiple opportunities he's parlayed a little ole blog into over the past 7 years. Very inspiring.

But I decided to add it primarily because Sable Crow started his own blog and linked to The Sartorialist. I heart Sable Crow and know he has an impeccable eye. So after a few days, finally, I found them. Two images that made me swoon. In a sea of black, I saw two pops of color that connected.

The women in them were ooozing glamor. But it was an easy glamor. Relaxed and casual instead of calculated and aggressive. Very California v. New York in my opinion. Both images captured a moment in time so beautifully. They inspired me.

So I decided to make the effort to visit daily. Much like all the fashion girls I heart online. The ones that are getting spreads in Korean Teen Vogue :)

Girls whose whose style I appreciate but can't completely relate to. Not sure why. It's not an age thing. It's more about who they are and who I am.

They are so Nylon. And I am so Elle. They are so the cool artsy girl in high school to my student body president. They worship the boho chic of Erin Wasson. I bow down to golden girl Gwyneth.

But I guess even Gwynnie switches it up and does that whole all-black, cool indie girl thing.

Especially love this London gladiator look. Very I'm married to a rock star.

Today I said why not and decided to give the black jean/black blazer look a whirl. May not seem like a big deal. Pretty basic look, right? But somehow it feels really new for me. Even edgy. Feels weird to pair black with black and not have it be a suit. I guess I'm a narc that way. Weird but true.

Built the outfit around my new Madewell jeans. Love love love em. Very similar to the Rogan for Target ones I returned. But better fit in the, um, groin area.

The Rogans did this droopy diaper thing on me. Blech. These just look slim and chic. And did I mention I got them for $25 ;)

Then I added this Armani suit jacket I got resale earlier this year but have never worn. $35. Love the detail of the collar. Kinda similar to a look Sable Crow just blogged about in the men's fall line.

Added the tank because it feels edgy and then came the shoes and the new Stella bag to pick up the patent leather of the shoes.

Felt a little too plain without any jewelry so I added the necklace and the bracelet. A little matchy matchy but think it worked.

Felt pulled together and "high" fashion today. Thinking I should rock more black. As an experiment. See what kind of reaction I get.

I've just gotten addicted to color in the last few years. Feel black is too boring and safe and aging. And yet it is so simple and clean.

In the end, it's just fun to dabble in different looks. I know what I like and who I am but it's fun to stretch. See where styles and people and beliefs intersect. Nothing is black or white. We exist in shades of gray.

For example, am loving this recent Blake Lively look. All black but...not. It's got pops of metallic. Rich details. And it's SHORTS.

See I am stretching my old fogey ways ;)


weezermonkey said...

I always feel more powerful in black.

Sable Crow said...

Two things make me swoon: You in Emporio Armani, and the fact that your jacket cost you $35, about 1/20 of what I pay for things. How do you do it?!

Love that you are taking to Sartorialist (we call him Sart). Funny you see all the black women's clothing when you look. I see the tailored men's clothing, which is really quite colorful. I think he has a better eye for men's clothes than women's.

Thank you for the shout-out. At our various rates of consumption, I can have about 1/20th of the blog entries you have. :) Why didn't we have SAT questions like THAT?!

"Sable Crow and Diabolina leave for the mall at the same time. Diabolina buys resale at $x/hour. Sable Crow buys runway at $y/hour. If y = 20x, and y is deeply impacted by the movement of the Financial Services Index, then how long will it take for Sable Crow to look as good as Diabolina, all other things equal?"

Milly said...

I love Project Runway too...been watching it since it started... My hubby watches it with me as well :)
I agree the guy who did the dress out of the!! the girl who dyed the vacumm bags and won the challenge was good as well...can't wait till next wed

Da Fashionista said...

You are THE BEST!!! Totally right about how amazing the boy fashion is. He's definitely got an eye that leans more toward male creativity.

R said...

I watch PR too. Faithfully. I, however, love Heidi's accent. Did she lose weight? She's looking skinny, skinny this season! I know she had a baby, but damn! Eat a sandwich girl, it's OK!

amber said...

i would pay damn good money to go on a shopping spree with tim gunn by my side. like, a 2nd mortgage on the house, good money. i missed seeing him at his book signing last year by an hour. was so crushed :(

the newest episode is on my dvr and i plan to catch up this weekend.

black is so simple and just so easy. i love it.

lookrichbitch said...

I'm soooo curious about eating this shark! I may need to beg you to send me some frozen shark via overnight fedex! That could be your next foray in to making moola! Fish monger!

I joke!

Love those madewell jeans! Made for D!

Anonymous said...

You rocked the black well! I'm guilty of loving black. My wardrobe has alot of black in it. I just think it's sexy.

Annabel said...

I agree, black is very sophistocated and makes me look older, but I just love colour too much!

Tiffany said...

I adore Fashion Toast and Childhood Flames as well. I could never pull it off, BUT doesn't stop me from admiring their style.

I love that "They are so Nylon. And I am so Elle." I'm right there with ya on that!

Emily said...

This outfit definitely earned you an A. You look amazing, tres chic and grown up but still fresh and fashionable. Black may not always be you in all its forms, but in this look you've made it work for you.


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